Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teach Your Children Well

Have your kids ever come home from school and asked how come they have to learn this stupid stuff at school? I know mine used to all the time. Well here is a good story to share with them regarding math and the stoneyard.

One of our customers called today and wanted to know how much fieldstone flagging he needed for a 36 ft diameter circle. He was going to square off the circle and use 36' x 36' or 1,296 sq ft. I told him that would work, but he had a lot of waste in the corners of the square that are not included in the circle. We then referred to an easy formula that we all learned in high school which gives you the area of a circle. If you take Pi (approx 3.14) x the radius squared (18' x 18') this will give you the area of the circle. This gives you 1,017 sf, which is 279 sf less than the area of the square. My customer was very appreciative, because this allowed him to bid the job more accurately, and allowed him the opportunity to price the job competitively.

So remember that even Fred Flintstone can benefit from a little high school geometry.

Check out our website at for some of our flagging products.

If you look at the bottom you will find our sf calculator. It doesn't have the calculation for the area of a circle, so make sure you refer to this Blog if you forget.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006's New England Fieldstone

Sometimes when you deal with things on a daily basis you overlook the obvious. Today I had a customer ask me if the's New England Fieldstone was from our own quarries or are we the "middle man".

Here is the story about our New England Fieldstone.

We currently are cultivating stone from three different properties that are located throughout New England. The stone is trucked from the farmers' walls to our location in Littleton, MA. From here we sort and grade all of the stone to come up with the different types of fieldstone. We have round and flat wallstone, veneer stone, flagging, steppers, thin wallstone and select wallstone. This stone is stored in bins ready for bulk delivery, or palletized by our employees and shipped throughout the United States.

That's about it. Sounds simple but because of the weight of fieldstone (approx. 180 lbs per cubic foot) it requires a lot of equipment and manpower to prepare it for use in your home or on your property.

Take a closer look at our fieldstone at

Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to watch David Croteau's video on How to Build a Stonewall

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FREE SAMPLES New England Pebbles

I just finished meeting with a contractor who does a lot of work in the Cape (Cape Cod Massachusetts). He specializes in creating authentic stone water features which enhance the beauty of the landscape. I showed him our New England Pebbles, and he was blown away by the look of the stone. He left with samples of the pebbles, but that got me thinking...

If he loves these pebbles, I'm sure plenty of other people will love these pebbles. Therefore, I am offering free samples to any stone professional that gives us a call at 800.231.2200. Just talk to one of my sales representatives and they will get your information and send you the samples.

In case you haven't seen them check them out on my website at

They come in four sizes and are ready to ship anywhere in the U.S.

Call now for your free sample of New England Pebbles.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The transformation of a Mexican Beach Pebble

One of our most popular pebbles is the Black Mexican Beach Pebble. This pebble come from the beaches of Mexico, where collecting and sorting them has become quite a cottage industry for the local families.

A well known artist in the New York City art community hired us to produce some pebbles that he is using to create a rock and cable sculpture. We completed the project and shipped the pebbles this week. Our customer just e-mailed us:

"Just wanted to let you know that we got the stone order; haven't gone through it too carefully yet, but tentatively everything looks OK!
Thanks a lot!
Also, these rock cables are going to descend into a trough that would be filled with pebbles."

So there you have it...the transformation of a common beach pebble from Mexico into a proud sculpted stone creation prominently displayed in an art gallery in New York City. Talk about a rags to riches story. Pictures to follow!

Let us know how we can help you with your next stone project. It may not be as much of a transformation, but all of our products are important to us and will surely satisfy your expectations.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Our customer's finest bluestone

We just got off the phone with one of our customers in Houston, Texas. He was looking for bluestone to use as coping and pavers for around his pool. His only concern was that the stone did not have any brown iron deposits in it, because he was not fond of getting rust stains in his pool. We assured him that we could provide him with coping that did not have brown iron deposits and he placed the order. The stone arrived in Houston today and after unloading it and inspecting it he called us to let us know that

"this is the finest bluestone I have seen in my entire life"

Not that we are bragging, but we would have been surprised if he would have told us anything else.

Visit our website at or call one of our qualified sales reps and let us help you construct your own natural stone retreat.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

New England Fieldstone

Click on the photo for more pictures.

We have some fantastic Flat New England Fieldstone, and are selling it in truckload quantities at $88/ton. I just spoke to one of our favorite customers who is looking for 100 ton of this material. He inspected the pile, and took a few samples for his customer to approve. He loves the stone, so it looks like a small dent will be made in the pile.

I know it is easier to see the stone than try to read what I tell you about it.

Visit our website at and take a look at the design center for some ideas of projects using New England Fieldstone.

Happy building.

Thursday, November 02, 2006 Fabrication

Natural Stone fabrication in process

click for larger image

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Stonewall Video

I just watched the video and had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed that! It was really great. The video was a little blurry in spots - most likely my computer here at the store, but overall it was so nice to watch. The only suggestion I have is to maybe tell the viewer the estimated cost to build that wall and how long it was. I am building my own home, if we ever get there, and I will be needing retaining walls so the video was really exciting and helpful to see but didn't give me one any idea on estimating my costs.

Great job, thank you for including me in the email. I will most likely be calling you to get some pricing for my own home.
Best Regards,

Video on Building a Stone Wall

If you haven't seen it, David Croteau of gives his tips on building a stone wall in this five minute video. He shows how to build small stone walls that match an existing stone wall at a private home in southern New Hampshire. The materials used are's New England Fieldstone, wallstone and thin wallstone.

You guys rock.

This is awesome!!! You guys rock. Ooo sorry for the pun :-)

I’m going to write an article on your email program for my blog

Bluestone as a flooring surface

Project Description:
Master bath remodel - interested in the use of Bluestone as a flooring surface for bath and shower.
Question or Comment:
I am interested in the bluestone (various square and rectangular cuts for the floor of a master bath remodel. I also would like to know their suitability for a shower floor. What, if anything, is required to seal the bath and shower, and how does this stone hold up to daily traffic? Would it be possible to get a sample of this product? Thank you, Phil M.


Bluestone flooring comes in square and rectangular pieces with both a thermal and natural cleft finish. Both of these products will be suitable for a shower floor application, as both have a non-skid surface. Sealing of the stone both before and after installation is recommended. Seal the stone once before it is installed, and then seal the floor again after installation. Make sure to check with the manufacturer for recommendations on sealing after installation. If you seal too soon the floor may not be completely dried. This could lead to liquid being trapped which may lead to efflorescence in the stone.

Try GranQuartz at for cleaning and sealing products.

Order stone flooring samples online 24/7/365

Beautiful Bluestone Flooring

We have just received over 3000 sf of beautiful bluestone flooring. The flooring is a natural cleft surface, and the colors are mixed on a earthy green background. We get stone like this rarely, so if you have some flooring projects now is the time to stop by and check out this product. The sizes are 12 x 12 to 24 x 36.

We are looking forward to working with you on your next stone project. Let us help you build your own natural stone retreat.

Call our sales representatives to order a sample of this bluestone flooring.

Facing stone for retaining wall

Subject: Facing stone for retaining wall

I need to find a stone to face ~4,000 sf of retaining wall (see attached pictures)

This project is scheduled to start next week. Please provide quote, delivered to Richboro, PA. Call with any questions.
Please check out our products at Wallstone I think that the PA Fieldstone Flat Wallstone is the closest match to what you are looking for. The pictures that you sent looked like a sandstone based product, which is what the PA Fieldstone is.

Let me know if this will work for you, and I will get some pricing out to you.