Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bluestone as a flooring surface

Project Description:
Master bath remodel - interested in the use of Bluestone as a flooring surface for bath and shower.
Question or Comment:
I am interested in the bluestone (various square and rectangular cuts for the floor of a master bath remodel. I also would like to know their suitability for a shower floor. What, if anything, is required to seal the bath and shower, and how does this stone hold up to daily traffic? Would it be possible to get a sample of this product? Thank you, Phil M.


Bluestone flooring comes in square and rectangular pieces with both a thermal and natural cleft finish. Both of these products will be suitable for a shower floor application, as both have a non-skid surface. Sealing of the stone both before and after installation is recommended. Seal the stone once before it is installed, and then seal the floor again after installation. Make sure to check with the manufacturer for recommendations on sealing after installation. If you seal too soon the floor may not be completely dried. This could lead to liquid being trapped which may lead to efflorescence in the stone.

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