Tuesday, November 28, 2006

FREE SAMPLES New England Pebbles

I just finished meeting with a contractor who does a lot of work in the Cape (Cape Cod Massachusetts). He specializes in creating authentic stone water features which enhance the beauty of the landscape. I showed him our New England Pebbles, and he was blown away by the look of the stone. He left with samples of the pebbles, but that got me thinking...

If he loves these pebbles, I'm sure plenty of other people will love these pebbles. Therefore, I am offering free samples to any stone professional that gives us a call at 800.231.2200. Just talk to one of my sales representatives and they will get your information and send you the samples.

In case you haven't seen them check them out on my website at

They come in four sizes and are ready to ship anywhere in the U.S.

Call now for your free sample of New England Pebbles.

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