Wednesday, November 29, 2006's New England Fieldstone

Sometimes when you deal with things on a daily basis you overlook the obvious. Today I had a customer ask me if the's New England Fieldstone was from our own quarries or are we the "middle man".

Here is the story about our New England Fieldstone.

We currently are cultivating stone from three different properties that are located throughout New England. The stone is trucked from the farmers' walls to our location in Littleton, MA. From here we sort and grade all of the stone to come up with the different types of fieldstone. We have round and flat wallstone, veneer stone, flagging, steppers, thin wallstone and select wallstone. This stone is stored in bins ready for bulk delivery, or palletized by our employees and shipped throughout the United States.

That's about it. Sounds simple but because of the weight of fieldstone (approx. 180 lbs per cubic foot) it requires a lot of equipment and manpower to prepare it for use in your home or on your property.

Take a closer look at our fieldstone at

Enjoy the pictures and don't forget to watch David Croteau's video on How to Build a Stonewall

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