Thursday, November 30, 2006

Teach Your Children Well

Have your kids ever come home from school and asked how come they have to learn this stupid stuff at school? I know mine used to all the time. Well here is a good story to share with them regarding math and the stoneyard.

One of our customers called today and wanted to know how much fieldstone flagging he needed for a 36 ft diameter circle. He was going to square off the circle and use 36' x 36' or 1,296 sq ft. I told him that would work, but he had a lot of waste in the corners of the square that are not included in the circle. We then referred to an easy formula that we all learned in high school which gives you the area of a circle. If you take Pi (approx 3.14) x the radius squared (18' x 18') this will give you the area of the circle. This gives you 1,017 sf, which is 279 sf less than the area of the square. My customer was very appreciative, because this allowed him to bid the job more accurately, and allowed him the opportunity to price the job competitively.

So remember that even Fred Flintstone can benefit from a little high school geometry.

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If you look at the bottom you will find our sf calculator. It doesn't have the calculation for the area of a circle, so make sure you refer to this Blog if you forget.

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