Friday, December 15, 2006

Gardening for Good and Mexican Beach Pebbles - 2007 Providence RI Flower Show

I met with an artist yesterday (Deb Aldo) from Pietre Dure out of Sterling, CT. She specializes in mosaic work done in the style of her company name. Pietre Dure (Italian for "strong stone") will be a topic of discussion for another time.
Anyway, Deb along with Kurt Van Dexter of Stony Lane Studios, are designing an exhibit for a very worthwhile non-profit organization called "Gardening for Good". "The organization is dedicated to enhancing wellness and quality of life by promoting the therapeutic benefits of a connection with gardening and nature."
They will be exhibiting at the 2007 Providence, RI Flower Show. We will be donating the buff mexican beach pebbles that will be used in the therapeutic garden. A conceptual sketch for the garden is pictured above. Deb is attempting to create a labyrinth type pathway with a glass capstone located in the center of the exhibit. Because the show will have over 30,000 attendees, the labyrinth needs to be simple and easy to navigate. However, as you can see from the sketch, the path has the curves used to create the tranquility that a labyrinth provides.
Our mexican beach pebbles will be on display at the beginning of the path, and visitors can write their names on the pebbles and include them in the garden so that "caregivers will create small personal reclaim a bit of themselves even as they give themselves to others."
Wow, this sounds great. Tranquility and peace for those who give so much of their time and talents. If this isn't a worthwhile cause, I don't know what is.

Mark these dates in your calendar, February 22-25, 2007 at the RI Convention Center in Providence, RI. Stop by and see Mary Beth Miller, the director of Gardening for Good and see "The Caregiver's Garden: Planting a Pathway to Well Being" at the 2007 Providence, RI Flower Show.

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Enjoy the Holidays and the weekend.

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