Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Low Prices and Quality New England Fieldstone

My brother Jerry met with one of our dealers yesterday to see their operation and assist them with setting up their display of New England Fieldstone Products from During the meeting this dealer mentioned that she is now able to sell her New England Fieldstone for the same price that she used to pay for the product when she bought from another supplier. She was very surprised and very happy that she is dealing with We are happy that she is working with us, but we are not surprised. Here is the reason why we can sell our product at such low prices.
We can sell at low prices because we are the manufacturer of these products. We gather and collect the stone from fields and farms all throughout New England. The stone used to be a nuisance to the farmers. Every season they tilled their fields, and many stones would come to the surface. They couldn't plant their fields with the stones in the way, so they had to collect them and pile them up along the edges of the fields. Today those are the same stones that we are collecting and sorting to provide you with some of the finest stone for stonewalls, veneers and fireplaces.

We buy the raw material directly from the farmers of New England and process all of the stone at our Littleton, MA facility. There are no middlemen. In this picture you can see one of the many trucks that deliver stone to us everyday. An hour ago this truck was in a field somewhere in New England getting loaded with premium fieldstone.

After the stone is delivered, we hand sort all of the material into the different products that we sell. Wallstone, Select Wallstone, Veneer, Thin Wallstone and Thin Veneer. Many of these come in both round and flat.

After we sort the material we palletize the fieldstone so that it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. We just had a truck leave this morning with 22 ton of thin wallstone on its way to sunny CA.
Here are some of the pallets of the finished product. These pallets are all flats. The two on the left are thin veneer and the far right is building veneer. This material may adorn a see-through fireplace or complete the look of an outdoor kitchen.

Here is the finished product. From the fields of New England to your backyard, with as little interruption as possible.
I hope that you have enjoyed the tour. Make sure you visit us and see the process in operation. Give us a call at 800-231-2200 to make an appointment.
Enjoy the beauty that is all around us.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Customer's Triumph with New England Thin Veneer

Our customers keep sending us nice comments, so I am going to keep posting them.
This individual had never worked with stone or thin veneer before. David Croteau spent time explaining the ins and outs of thin veneer and installing thin veneer. If you would like to find out more about thin veneer, be sure to check out our website at, or give one of our sales representatives a call at 800-231-2200.
In the meantime, please enjoy the picture and comments from another satisfied customer.

“Hello Dave,

Maybe you remember me stopping in your facility a couple of months ago and you helping me pick out some New England veneer and some other stones. I had a lot of questions about grouting etc....Anyway I promised you a picture of the project when it was complete. It came our really nice, especially since it was my first time, although it did take me a lot longer than I thought. Just having to build only a few layers at a time and waiting as opposed to building it all in a day or two was my biggest misconception. All in all I love the look and I am glad the project is done...

Thanks for your advice,

Dean Gambale”

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Customer's Comments About Our Design Center

Here are some kind words from one of our customers. I pasted in the pictures that she was referring to. I hope you enjoy them as much as she did.
Make sure you take a tour of our design center so that you can find some great ideas for your stone project.
"David, first of all Happy New Year and I hope you are well. I have to tell you I just spent 2 hours looking at EVERYTHING on the web site. It kinda takes (me) away or to a different level."

"The beauty of the projects and stones and COLORS are magnificent. Picture #25 of thin wall stone with snow shows colors that seem unreal. Is that the true colors or not? If it is true color, how much would a pallet be? "

"#39 of handcut NE fieldstone-Anderson 2-hr was truly a work of art. The seams in the wall only showed because of the again, different and unusual colors!"

"#45 with stone pillars with a wooden gazebo top was beautiful. "

"Nothing can compare to #49, the long, curved, zig zag wall that seems to go on forever"

"My great great grandfather lost a leg in the Civil War and I have a picture of him and others at a GAR Reception many years after. I have put that article in my Civil War folder and I applaud your effort and result to save such an artifact. " As ever, Linda
(We were hired to fabricate this piece of Rockport granite so that it could be reused for the front entrance at a university in Boston, MA. See my blog for the rest of the story)

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Q&A - Mesh Back Pebble Tiles

Here is a question one of our visitors sent to me today. Rather than just send her the answer, I thought I would share the information with everyone.

"I would like to attempt to cover the floor of a bathroom with mesh back pebble tiles and am unsure about the proper steps to take.
Question or Comment:
If I seal the pebbles prior to grouting will the grout then adhere to the mortar? Is it necessary to seal the pebbles both before and after grouting?"

Check out our website at for complete instructions on installing our mesh back pebble tiles.

As you can see from the instructions, we do recommend that you seal the tile before and after grouting. The first seal is to help prevent grout and residue from adhering to the face of the tile. You will not have any problem with the grout adhering to the mortar. The second seal is to seal the tile and grout from anything that may come in contact with the tile while you are enjoying it on your bathroom floor.

I hope this helps. Don't forget to keep those questions and comments coming. I'll get to as many of them as possible.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Painted Mexican Beach Pebbles

Some days you come to work and find a nice present waiting for you. Today I opened up my e-mail to find this little gem from one of our customers. Tahlia is the sales rep that helped Lorie with her order.

Enjoy her comments. I checked out her website. I think you will enjoy it as well!

"I received a recent shipment of sample rocks I had ordered from your company on Friday. I just want to let you know HOW MUCH I LIKE THEM! The black Mexican beach pebbles are perfect for my needs. They have the smooth surface I need for painting. I will be ordering more... I would be interested in knowing how much a sack of the black Mexican beach pebbles, size 2-3" and also the 3-5" size would cost, including shipping. Is there any way you could e-mail me this information?

If you would like to see how I use these rocks, you can see some of my painted
rocks at

I would just like to say again how much I appreciate your selling me these wonderfully smooth rocks. I have searched for months for a local distributor who carries these Mexican beach pebbles, my only source has been your company. The only rocks I have been able to purchase in my area have been regular beige river rocks and Pennsylvania blue stone. I have to drive for an hour and a half to reach that distributor and he does not carry the nice Mexican beach pebbles like yours.

Also, after I have painted these rocks I have just received, I will be mailing you one, my compliments. You don't know how much I appreciate your company selling on such a small scale to me. Thanks! Lorie McLelland"

Thursday, January 18, 2007

NE Fieldstone gets square and rectangular; Rockport granite salvaged

It seems that every week we get busier and busier. We are spending more time talking to you about what you are looking for in stone. Here is the latest winner. Everyone has always liked the look of the New England Fieldstone, but wanted a more finished formal look. The Square and Rectangular cut accomplishes this look. We hope you agree. Take a look at this picture and be sure to check out more photos in our design center

If you are looking for a New England fieldstone product with age and a beautiful range of color, this is the product for you. It is a thin veneer, so it doesn't require a footing. It weighs less than 16 pounds per sf, so the bonding agent will hold it in place. It can be used on both vertical and horizontal applications. If you can imagine it, it can be done. Give one of our sales representatives a call to find out if this stone is right for your project. The answer will likely be YES!

We always seem to be putting our saws to use salvaging and reclaiming a unique piece of New England history. David Brooks of Contemporary Design and Construction came to us with a dilemma. He was restoring the entrance for one of Boston's private universities. The problem was that the old step was too high for existing building code. Here is a picture of our saw cutting the antique piece of Rockport granite. This granite comes from Rockport, MA and the quarry was one of the main industries started up after the civil war to keep the soldiers busy when they returned from the war. There is a pretty good chance that a soldier who fought in the civil war was involved in the fabrication of this step.

David and the University didn't want to see this dignified piece of history disappear, so they called us to see if we could help. We discussed the project and determined that with a little cutting, notching and thermalling, we could bring this piece of granite back to life. In the first picture we are cutting the piece in half to create two equal pieces. In the picture above we are profiling a notch along the bottom front edge of the steps so that they will have a uniform rise that is within the guidelines of today's building code.

Finally we applied a thermal finish to all the exposed surfaces, and the steps came to life showing their beauty for all the world to see. David will be reinstalling these steps sometime on Friday, where they will proudly reside for years to come.

Thanks to change and renovation we have once again had the opportunity to make something worthwhile at our job. It isn't always the biggest job that brings the most amount of satisfaction. When I go home tonight and my family asks what I did, I will gladly share with them my work with this marvelous piece of granite.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Sandstone Pavers and A Welcome to Tree Locators

A lot has been happening at this week. My brother David just got back from a trip to Atlantic City. Harrah's is building a new tower attached to their hotel. Included in the construction is a new swimming pool. Around the pool will be a beautiful sandstone deck, and we will be providing the material for this deck. They will be using yellow pink sandstone pavers for the deck around the pool and the yellow brown pavers for the deck directly above the pool.

I included a picture of the pavers, but if you want to see more pictures check out our website at for more information on these "Old World" hand cut pavers.

As I mentioned before, we have just completed our year-end inventory. We have over 30,000 sf of natural stone pavers in stock. Here is a picture of some of these pavers. If you have a project that requires natural stone pavers, give one of our knowledgeable sales reps a call and they will assist you with your project.

Finally, we would like to welcome the newest member of the team. Tree Locators, Inc. from Okeechobee, FL is now a stocking dealer of many of our natural stone products.

On the way to Florida

Tree Locators in Florida

As you can see from the picture above they have our New England Fieldstone products and our bluestone and sandstone pavers in stock and ready for immediate delivery. They have a neat and spacious retail yard, and can help you with any of your stone requirements, to include installation. If you are in the south central Florida area, give them a call, or just stop by and take a look at what they have to offer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

That's it for this week. We'll keep you posted with the progress in Atlantic City. Pictures have been promised. As soon as we get them we'll share them with you. Enjoy your weekend.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New England Fieldstone and Spring in January

As I was taking my afternoon walk around the yard, I noticed the following weather conditions. Remember, this is January 4th in New England. Current temperature 54 degrees, current conditions - fair, visibility - 10 miles. Taking advantage of the 10 miles of visibility, I noticed that we had quite a few trucks in the yard loading up with many of our excellent New England Fieldstone products. You can see in the picture above one of the trucks getting loaded with New England Flat Wallstone. If you look closely behind that truck, you can see a second truck waiting to get more of the same.
If you would like to see more of our products, check out our design center at You can see all of our New England Fieldstone products as well as many of our other natural stone products.

Here is another picture I took today showing some of the fieldstone that we have in stock. Starting from the left is the Flat Select Wallstone, next is the Thin Wallstone, after that is the New England Flagging, and finally the Round Wallstone. There are at least 700 ton of New England Fieldstone in this picture.
I included this picture, because every time I show this material to stone contractors, they can't believe how nice the quality is and how the material is sorted, making their job much easier. I hope you agree with these contractors.

This picture shows more of the same product. I wanted you to see that all of our stone is hand sorted and stored on asphalt. Any dirt and debris has been removed. When you buy stone from, you only get what you pay for.
Stop in sometime to take a look at some of our products. We just completed our year end inventory. In addition to our New England Fieldstone we have 30,000 sf of stone pavers in stock. Paver material includes bluestone, sandstone, granite, quartzite and limestone. Maybe pavers will be a topic of discussion for my next blog.
If you need a price for a project, give us a call at 800-231-2200. We will be more than happy to work with you on your natural stone requirements.