Thursday, January 25, 2007

Customer's Comments About Our Design Center

Here are some kind words from one of our customers. I pasted in the pictures that she was referring to. I hope you enjoy them as much as she did.
Make sure you take a tour of our design center so that you can find some great ideas for your stone project.
"David, first of all Happy New Year and I hope you are well. I have to tell you I just spent 2 hours looking at EVERYTHING on the web site. It kinda takes (me) away or to a different level."

"The beauty of the projects and stones and COLORS are magnificent. Picture #25 of thin wall stone with snow shows colors that seem unreal. Is that the true colors or not? If it is true color, how much would a pallet be? "

"#39 of handcut NE fieldstone-Anderson 2-hr was truly a work of art. The seams in the wall only showed because of the again, different and unusual colors!"

"#45 with stone pillars with a wooden gazebo top was beautiful. "

"Nothing can compare to #49, the long, curved, zig zag wall that seems to go on forever"

"My great great grandfather lost a leg in the Civil War and I have a picture of him and others at a GAR Reception many years after. I have put that article in my Civil War folder and I applaud your effort and result to save such an artifact. " As ever, Linda
(We were hired to fabricate this piece of Rockport granite so that it could be reused for the front entrance at a university in Boston, MA. See my blog for the rest of the story)

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