Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Low Prices and Quality New England Fieldstone

My brother Jerry met with one of our dealers yesterday to see their operation and assist them with setting up their display of New England Fieldstone Products from During the meeting this dealer mentioned that she is now able to sell her New England Fieldstone for the same price that she used to pay for the product when she bought from another supplier. She was very surprised and very happy that she is dealing with We are happy that she is working with us, but we are not surprised. Here is the reason why we can sell our product at such low prices.
We can sell at low prices because we are the manufacturer of these products. We gather and collect the stone from fields and farms all throughout New England. The stone used to be a nuisance to the farmers. Every season they tilled their fields, and many stones would come to the surface. They couldn't plant their fields with the stones in the way, so they had to collect them and pile them up along the edges of the fields. Today those are the same stones that we are collecting and sorting to provide you with some of the finest stone for stonewalls, veneers and fireplaces.

We buy the raw material directly from the farmers of New England and process all of the stone at our Littleton, MA facility. There are no middlemen. In this picture you can see one of the many trucks that deliver stone to us everyday. An hour ago this truck was in a field somewhere in New England getting loaded with premium fieldstone.

After the stone is delivered, we hand sort all of the material into the different products that we sell. Wallstone, Select Wallstone, Veneer, Thin Wallstone and Thin Veneer. Many of these come in both round and flat.

After we sort the material we palletize the fieldstone so that it can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. We just had a truck leave this morning with 22 ton of thin wallstone on its way to sunny CA.
Here are some of the pallets of the finished product. These pallets are all flats. The two on the left are thin veneer and the far right is building veneer. This material may adorn a see-through fireplace or complete the look of an outdoor kitchen.

Here is the finished product. From the fields of New England to your backyard, with as little interruption as possible.
I hope that you have enjoyed the tour. Make sure you visit us and see the process in operation. Give us a call at 800-231-2200 to make an appointment.
Enjoy the beauty that is all around us.

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