Monday, February 26, 2007

Mexican Beach Pebbles are Hit at RI Flower Show

My wife and I had a very enjoyable visit with Mary Beth Miller from Gardening for Good and Deb Aldo from Pietre Dure at the RI Flower Show in Providence, RI. They created the garden exhibit that featured the “Caregiver’s Garden”. Take a look at my blog entry from December 2006 for all the details of the garden.

The garden was a huge success. This was validated by the facts that there was a long line to view the garden and the buff Mexican Beach Pebbles were gone when we made it into the garden on Sunday afternoon. Mary Beth was very pleased with the response she received from the visitors. She has had a chance to look at some of the dedications made. Many were heartfelt and touching remarks, which is the cornerstone to her idea of the Caregiver’s Garden. If you look closely at the picture you can see many of the dedications that are written on the pebbles. This is only one of the two sections in the garden for the pebble dedications. Both sections were full of beautiful remarks.

Mary Beth knows that their idea of the Caregiver’s Garden will find its way into many backyards, even if only in an abbreviated form. Congratulations to the Gardening for Good folks, it was a job well done.

Deb Aldo worked very hard on designing and creating the sleek centerpiece highlighting the labyrinth pathway running through the garden. The centerpiece is highlighted with her signature mosaic work and surrounded with polished black pebbles. The entire piece is surrounded with gray cobblestones keeping the pebbles in place. If you look closely you can see the water bubbling out of the top of the fountain. Deb selected several small glass spheres, which catch the light reflecting on them creating a prism of bold colors. My picture doesn’t do justice to this detail, but the 30,000 visitors were not disappointed.

All in all this was a day well spent thanks to the hard work of all those involved with the Gardening for Good Caregiver’s Garden.

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