Wednesday, February 14, 2007's "Circle of Service"

My brother David and I were talking at lunch today about ideas for our catalog. We were looking for ideas that you have given us that set us apart from other stone companies. Sure our prices are low and our service is good. We do have great quality products and large inventory levels. We've shown you pictures of much of our inventory. But what can we show you that briefly and clearly defines us as your stoneyard. After much ado and a lot of writing on a yellow notepad we came up with the "Circle of Service".

Here is how it works. What are you looking for when you meet with your customers to go over their project? The first thing they need are ideas. Where do those ideas come from? Where else but our Design Center. This is the guts of our website. Thousands of pictures at your disposal. Look at them as many times as you'd like. If you need you can buy a hard copy of the picture and pin it up on a wall for inspiration. We've seen pictures taped to plans when they come into our office looking for the perfect stone for their custom wine cellar or special outdoor kitchen. These pictures are invaluable in the planning process for your project.

Next comes the Buyer's Guide. Visitors to our website are using the Buyer's Guide to find the professional installer that is the right match for them and their project. Many of you have signed up and are generating leads. The rest of you need to send in your information sheets so our visitors can start calling you.

Don't wait!

Call Cathy at ext 20. She will be more than happy to help get you signed up. We have had over 4000 searches on the Buyer's Guide in the last 30 days.

Now that the contractor has been matched up with the customer the stone needs to be selected and examined. We help you here by offering you samples of all of our stone products. Buy them online at , or stop by and pick them up for free. April, Nancy and Tahlia will be more than happy to help you pick out the stone that you want for your project.

Now the stone has been selected. All you need is to determine what quantity you need and get the product to your jobsite. We are capably equipped with a flat bed truck and a forklift that rides on the back to bring the stone to your site and deliver it where you need it. If you are outside of our delivery area, don't worry. We have trucking brokers that source all types of trucks to make deliveries directly to you. We deliver stone across the country on a regular basis. We have even had our stone delivered all the way to New Zealand to adorn the entrance of a beautiful vineyard.

Now the circle has been completed.

Ideas, selecting a contractor, finding samples, selecting the stone and finally getting that stone on site. All done at one location. your "source for natural stone products".

You've selected for a reason. Give us a call and see how the circle works for you. You will be pleasantly surprised. I guarantee it.

Get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature today. You won't be disappointed, and it may give you inspiration for your next great idea.

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