Monday, March 26, 2007

Calling all Stone Professionals

Are you looking to generate more leads? Do you have a desire to grow your business? Are you unsure about marketing on the Internet? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to talk to me at

I have developed a business strategy that will help you grow your business, get more people into your business and not have to worry about marketing on the Internet. I am looking for companies throughout the U.S. to sell my natural stone products. I have a wide range of products to include New England Fieldstone, thin stone veneer, building veneer, pavers, polished and seaside pebbles, flagging and cobblestones.

I have leads coming into my office everyday for all these types of stone. The stumbling block always is the shipping cost. It is expensive to ship small quantities throughout the country. If the same material is shipped in full truckloads the shipping cost is reduced dramatically. For example, the shipping cost for a pallet of stone shipped to central Florida will cost approximately $500. This is a cost of $500/ton just for shipping. If the same material is shipped in a full truckload of 22 ton the shipping will be approximately $2,800. This reduces the shipping cost to $127/ton. That is a savings of $373/ton. This is the case no matter where my product is shipped. If it ships in truckload quantities there is a substantial savings in the unit cost of shipping.

Since I run my own business, I understand the cost of doing business, and the cost of carrying inventory. Because a dealer is someone that stocks my material I acknowledge this fact by providing you with my lowest possible price. No other price is lower than my dealer’s price. You can buy from me with the confidence that you are getting my natural stone products at the best available price. All of my products have a minimum profit margin of 20%. I will do the Internet marketing and send you the leads, and you will earn a minimum of 20% selling my natural stone products. I am doing this because my stone is in high demand throughout the country. Instead I have created a win-win-win situation. The end-user wins by purchasing the stone at a fair price from a local business, and you and I win by generating more business and selling more stone.

Here is a quick explanation of how my system works. My website, has about 60,000 visitors to it each month. These are consumers that are interested in stone and using stone in their projects. A majority of these visitors go to my Design Center to get ideas and solutions for their needs. Each of my dealers has their own gallery in my Design Center, which highlights their work and the stone that they stock. Leads will go directly to a dealer from this source, as their company information is included. The second leg of the stool is the Buyer’s Guide. My Buyer’s Guide has generated over 6000 searches over the last 30 days. Each of my dealers has an enhanced listing on the guide. This means that they always appear at the top of the list when a search is performed. The final leg of the stool is the direct leads that come directly to me from the website. I process these leads and forward them to the closest dealer that stocks the material.

That is a brief overview of how the process works. The rest of the work is up to you. Are you ready to expand your business? Are you ready to increase your profits? Are you ready to be part of a marketing system that is tried, tested and proven to work?

Give me a call when you are ready. I can discuss the details with you and get you going right away. I am fully stocked with material. All I am waiting for is a chance to find a new home for it. Give me a call and let me know what questions you have.

You can reach me at 800-231-2200 x 14.

My name is John Croteau and I’m the President of

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