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A mountain estate, a swimming pool and a fireplace

This is a story of a mountain estate, a swimming pool and a fireplace.

Vermont is known for its rough hilly terrain. Much of the granite from New England comes from Vermont. The granite quarries have been a staple of Vermont for the last 150 years. For many towns this is the main source of employment. Because of this rich history it is not surprising that many of the estates that grace the landscape of Vermont include a lot of stone in their construction. This estate is no different.

Thaddeus and Sheila Czarnocki of TAD BUILT COMPANY contacted us. They were hired to construct a Family Room and Great Room for a beautiful mountain estate in Northern Vermont. An indoor swimming pool was going to be featured in the Family Room and a magnificent stone fireplace would be the center of attention in the Great Room.

TAD BUILT COMPANY is listed on our Buyer’s Guide and now has a gallery in our Design Center under stonemasons. They are located in Lyndonville, VT. If you would like more information on the company give them a call at 802-626-6105.

David met with Thaddeus and Sheila to help them narrow down their sample choices and find stone that would compliment the three different applications. The first stone they were looking for was the pavers for the family room. For this stone they wanted something that looked natural and had warm light colors that would blend in with the wood used in the room. The floor would be stone, but the walls, ceiling and beams would all be wood. They chose the GB Quartzite pavers. This stone comes with a natural cleft top and consists of a broad range of gold, yellow and white colors. A perfect selection to tie in the colors and textures of the wood.

Next they needed a coping to match the GB Quartzite. At the time this material was not available in 2 inch thick coping. So the challenge was to find coping that worked with the quartzite. Our pink/yellow sandstone was chosen. The material is 2 inches thick and can be rocked on the exposed edge to create a rough natural look. The colors are similar to the quartzite, but add some reddish pink hues. You can see from the picture that the hues are subtle. The sandstone matched well with the quartzite, finishing off the flooring with a rustic edge at the pool.

As an aside, we now can get the GB Quartzite in 2-inch thick material. More on that in another blog.

Finally, the stone for the fireplace was evaluated. SB Quartzite was chosen because its colors and texture are very similar to the GB Quartzite. As you can see from the picture, the stone was hand worked by the mason to create the wonderful square and rectangular pieces, curved arches, fanned quoins and diagonal and diamond shapes creating a unique work of art. The GB Quartzite makes up the flush hearth, with the wood mantle and surround completing the project.

The general rule for combining different stones in a project is to use no more than 3 different stones. TAD Built was able to accomplish this in supreme fashion. The owners of the estate were delighted with the outcome and thrilled with the stone that was used in their project.

Our Design Center, Buyer’s Guide, samples and delivery capabilities provide the “Circle of Service” necessary to complete a project of this magnitude. David is always available to assist you with selecting stone for your projects.

Give us a try you won’t be disappointed.
If you are looking for a contractor in the Northern Vermont area give TAD BUILT a call. They provide a full range of construction and contracting services.

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dominic hodnett said...

I live in drogheda ireland ,, There is an old railway bridge built there completely from stone ,it crosses over the river boyne and is truly about 1000 metres long ,, When i look at it ,It amazes me as this bridge would have been built with no machines and just horses and hard labour ,, Its like the old cathedrals of years ago ,, These were absolutly amazing craftsmen , when i look at these buildings it beats me as how they did it ,, The older generation craftsmen were amazing ,, We really have it easier today ,, The craftsmanship and carving and cutting of those stone bridges would all be crafted by hand , what an amazing craft