Friday, March 16, 2007

Paul Sweeney; An Authority in Stonemasonry

When we were looking for a professional to help us build our displays of New England Fieldstone we had many people we could turn to. After all there are hundreds of professionals listed in our Buyer’s Guide. This would be a good place to start. Still, we wanted someone with expertise, craftsmanship and unprecedented quality. We also wanted someone that we had a good working relationship with. This still left us with many qualified candidates. After much reflection and thought we decided that Paul Sweeney of Cornerstone Masonry was the man for our project.

You can see from the pictures that Paul was the right man for this job. Paul has been working with stone since he was 16. He hates to admit it, but this means he has over 30 years experience as a stonemason. Paul does all types of masonry work. He is excellent at building patios, walkways or terraces. However, his passion is building with fieldstone. Whether a fireplace, chimney, entrance way or stonewall to highlight a beautiful landscape, Paul’s workmanship, wisdom and understanding of stone guides his projects to completion like a beacon guides a ship through a rocky channel on a foggy night.

When working with fieldstone many people think that it is just a random array of stones that are easily pieced together. But upon careful review a fieldstone installation has many guidelines and rules that need to be followed. It is Paul’s authority that makes this happen, so that when he is done it appears that the fieldstone was easily installed. The more a craftsman knows about his trade the easier he makes his work look. The way he handles his tools, breaks and splits the stones, and even selects the correct stones for the wall; all this looks matter-of-factly when in the hands of a true professional. Paul is one of these true professionals. We are all glad that he was willing to share his skills with us, and allow us to display them in our showroom. Make sure you check out his pictures in our Design Center. If you have some time stop by our showroom and see Paul’s work up close and personal. You will appreciate his attention to detail and careful deliberate craftsmanship.

The display column that I have pictured above is made with New England Fieldstone. Each of the four sides of the column is veneered with a different cut of fieldstone. Each side has its own unique look. However, all of the fieldstone came from old farmers’ walls that have been aging gracefully in the outdoors for the last 100+ years. One side is all round fieldstone. The second side is flat mosaic fieldstone. This is sometimes referred to as a broken ice pattern. The third side is a square and rectangular cut. All of the cuts for these pieces were made by hand and are cut by the mason installing the stone. It is important to find a mason with creativity when you are looking for this cut of veneer. The fourth and final side is a thin ledgestone veneer. This gives the veneer a look of stacked rectilinear stone. The two sides that can be seen in the above picture are thin ledgestone on the left and square and rectangular on the right.

If you would like more information on any of these New England Fieldstone veneers give us a call at 800-321-2200. All of our sales representatives can walk you through the process of choosing a stone veneer for your own stone creation.

Thomas Edison once said “Genius is but one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.” Paul is a genius in his profession.

Paul’s contact information is Cornerstone Masonry Paul M. Sweeney, II 42 Streeter Street Hubbardston, MA 01452 Telephone # 978-928-4325; mobile 978-580-4260

Give him a call to discuss your next stone project. Use his expertise to your advantage.

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