Monday, March 19, 2007

The Season for Natural Stone Pavers

As spring sneaks up on us we are all very busy at The spring season is our busiest time of the year. All of you have had the last 3 months to plan your new projects for 2007. Whatever your project is can help you bring it to a successful completion.

My Design Center is growing everyday. I have galleries from landscape and mason contractors as well as galleries that are dedicated to certain types of stone. Whatever your design need is you will find ideas in my Design Center. Most of us are inspired visually, so the Design Center will assist you in making choices.

A tool on my website that has been growing rapidly is the Buyer’s Guide. I just checked the activity and you have had over 6000 searches within the last 30 days. I have hundreds of professionals throughout the country, so whether you are from Fort Kent, Maine or San Diego, CA my Buyer’s Guide can help you locate a professional for your stone requirements. I hope by now that all of you have had a chance to try the Buyer’s Guide. I am getting a lot of positive feedback from many of you regarding its usefulness. If you haven’t signed up to be included in the Guide, please let me know and I will get you signed up right away. I am working on enhancing the Guide to make it more powerful and more user friendly. Let me know if you have any comments on its effectiveness. This will help make it a more interactive tool that will benefit you.

The showroom is taking shape, as we are finalizing the display panels and the main display column located in the center of the showroom. Paul Sweeney has finished his work with the building veneer. His work is impeccable. I am now having the thin veneer installed above the building veneer that Paul created. All of this work will be done and ready for unveiling at our Spring 2007 Open House. The open house will be March 29th from 3-6 pm. Let Tahlia know at ext 10 if you would like to attend. David and I will be available to chat with you about stone. I may even be convinced to give any interested participants a tour of the yard and/or fabrication shop. Don’t miss out; these tours have been known to impress many stone enthusiasts.

I would like to spend a little bit of time talking about natural stone pavers. My contractors are calling at a steady pace looking for availability of many of my different stone pavers. The first thing to remember is that all of my pavers are natural stone products. Nothing that I sell is man-made. I prefer to work with what Mother Nature has provided all of us. Nothing can beat the look, the quality or the durability of natural stone.

I have many different types and colors of stone pavers. My bluestone is very popular. This is a sandstone product and comes in rich earthy colors that include blue, gray, green and brown. This versatile stone comes in a natural cleft and thermal walking surface which maintains a non-skid surface when wet. The quartzite pavers are also very intriguing and in high demand. This paver comes in a natural cleft surface so it will also have an acceptable walking surface.

Enjoy the pictures that I have included for these two different pavers.

This picture shows the GB Quartzite pavers. This stone compliments most landscapes with its rich creamy shades combined with warm tan and brown colors. I find this a very appealing and neutral stone that blends well with many different stones. The pattern for this patio is a running bond. The stone is lined up in one direction and offset in the opposite direction. Notice that your eye is drawn to each of the rows of stone.

This bluestone patio has taken a formal approach to the installation. The pieces are installed in a stacked bond. The same size pieces are installed in a linear fashion with the joints lined up in both directions. The patio gains some life by using mixed color bluestone. This gives the patio a formal look with the lineal alignment of the pieces, while bringing out its own character with the different colors of the stones.

JP Ehwa installed the bluestone in this picture. He is a master stone craftsman, with excellent attention to detail and a true love of his work. JP custom cut the centerpiece into a beautiful compass rose with a pebble border. This work is an example of JP’s creativity and workmanship. The stone is laid in a random pattern. This pattern draws your attention to the focal point of the patio, allowing you to enjoy the custom cut detail of the centerpiece.

I have many more examples of work like this that will wet your appetite for your own stone patio. Visit my Design Center. When you are through give one of my sales representatives a call. They will help you choose the right stone for your patio.

My Buyer’s Guide will help you find a professional to work with you on your installation. The time is right to get your work scheduled. Many contractors are breaking ground to start their season. Get on their schedule now so you will have plenty of time to enjoy Mother Nature’s gift to us.

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