Saturday, March 10, 2007 Cobblestones; Part of the Anacostia Waterfront Revitalization

"Planning History
Building on the Great Historic Plans for The District of ColumbiaWashington, DC has a long history of great planning and public works. The original plan for the city of Washington, designed in 1791 by Pierre L’Enfant under the direction of George Washington, established the framework for a great capital city between the Potomac and Anacostia Rivers."

The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) is one of the largest revitalization projects in the country. Based on information from its website:

“The AWI Framework Plan is a guide to the revitalization of the Anacostia Waterfront. Organized according to the five AWI themes, the Framework Plan identifies vibrant new places for people to live, work, enjoy nature and celebrate Washington’s local and national heritage along the Anacostia River.”

“Today, the
Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) Framework Plan puts forth a vision for the Anacostia River and its neighborhoods that will prove as powerful and enduring as the planning endeavors of the city’s past.”

“The Anacostia Waterfront Initiative envisions an energized waterfront that will unify diverse areas with one of the city’s greatest natural assets, the Anacostia River. The Initiative seeks to revitalize neighborhoods, enhance and protect parks, improve water quality and increase access to waterfront destinations.”

It would appear that a project this large would require considerable planning and carefully prepared guidelines to insure its successful implementation.

This is where Oliver Boehm, ASLA, RLA, LEED Landscape Architecture and Asset Planning Manager will lend his knowledge and expertise. Mr. Boehm is a partner of Michael Baker Jr., Inc. 3601 Eisenhower Avenue; Suite 600 Alexandria, Virginia 22304. They are the Asset Planning Managers for this project.

Mr. Boehm has created a design manual for the AWI. He came to for some advise on durable stone paving material to be used in medians and planting areas. David was able to get our Black and/or Gray Cobblestones specified for the manual. Our cobblestones will be included in the manual that will be used by all the contractors involved in the construction of this project. The design manual defines all of the specifications for the project, to include conceptual pictures and specific product literature. The manual includes a page from our product catalog showing all pertinent information for our cobblestones.

What really impressed us was the next step that Mr. Boehm took. He secured warehouse space and has constructed many of the design details that are included in the design manual. The above picture shows our cobblestones included with the other pavers that will be used to make up many of the walkways, pathways and trails. A full size walkway has been built inside the warehouse to show it in living color. This way there will be no confusion regarding what products to use, or how to install them. This is taking customer service to a whole new level.

We are glad to be part of this grand revitalization of our nation's Capital. Because of the careful planning and implementation this will be another shining star on display of American ingenuity, cooperation and workmanship that is second to none.

Enjoy navigating through its website to get a flavor for what this project will bring to Washington, DC and all those who share in its many uses.

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