Friday, March 09, 2007 Open House

The weather forecast is calling for temperatures in the high 40s this weekend. Next week we are going to see 50s. It looks like spring is springing. And it looks like we will be ready.

We are putting the finishing touches on our sample panels and our sample column. As soon as the work is done I will have pictures. I did put some of the in progress pictures into the Design Center. The panels are showing our thin veneers, and the column will have Building Veneer on the bottom and Thin Veneer on the top.

Paul Sweeney of Cornerstone Masonry is helping us with the Building Veneer display. He is doing a fantastic job. He has been working with stone for the last 30 years. According to him, this qualifies him as a youngster in his profession. He keeps telling us stories about the “good-old-days”. Judging from his work, these days aren’t treating him too bad. I’ll spend more time with Paul and his work as soon as the display is ready. Keep an eye out for that blog; you are going to love his work.

The big news is our Open House. We are going to roll out the red carpet on March 29th from 3-6 pm.

We will have our entire displays ready, to include samples and literature of the actual products. David and I will be giving tours of the yard and the fabrication shop. Bring your digital cameras. Our inventory levels are high in anticipation of the spring rush. If you have plans for upcoming work bring them and we will start working on getting prices to you for the work.

If you haven’t already signed up for our Buyer’s Guide, we will take care of that.

Also, bring us a CD with pictures of your best work. We will create your own professional gallery on our website. This is a great way to get exposure for your company and your work. We have over 700,000 visits to our website every year. Our Design Center is the most popular section of our website. April told me about a customer that has spent 24 hours looking at our Design Center. Make sure she spends some time looking at your work.
If you are planning on attending, give Tahlia a call at x 10. She will make sure you get signed up.

Finally, I wanted to share a few of our customers’ comments with you. Sometimes we get caught up in the day-to-day activity, and forget about why we do what we do. Then a customer sends us a quick note and we remember why we are here. Everyone that works at is here because we are excited about stone. Not everyone is an expert yet, but we are all working on learning more everyday.

Lee Wilson from Cincinnati, OH reminded us of these facts. Here is what Lee had to say:


Thanks for sending the info. I am leaning toward New England Fieldstone for the walls and Bluestone for the patios…I really enjoy your e-newsletters as they provide excellent updates on new products and services. There are a few stone yards in Cincinnati, however it seems as if you guys love what you do.

Again, thanks for the info and I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Lee Wilson

Tahlia received this e-mail the other day. I am the boss she forwarded it to:

“Hi I received my pebbles today, I only ordered them on Monday. Wow. You are an amazing company.
I only ordered 6 bags of pebbles and was given the giant marble slab treatment. I thank you.If you have a boss, please forward to him/her.
My pebbles are perfect your service is impeccable.
Thank you.”
Marie McNicholas

Enjoy the weekend, and remember to live one day at a time, the best that you can.

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