Tuesday, April 03, 2007

2007 New England Spring Flower Show

A Flower Show always brings out the best. It symbolizes the beginning or rebirth of a new season. The transformation from winter to spring is seized by the beautiful landscapes and exquisite aromas found at the New England Spring Flower Show. The fragrance from the blooming flowers, shrubs and trees reminds me of the beauty to awaken in my own backyard. The only thing that brings me more pleasure in springtime is opening day for the Red Sox.

This year’s Flower Show lived up to its billing. As I entered the Bayside Expo Center I was overwhelmed with the rich earthy bouquet of the exhibits. My senses were excited in anticipation of what I saw in front of me. If I were a dog I would have been salivating. Just as my sense of smell adjusted to the surroundings, my thoughts quickened in anticipation of where to focus first. I finally conquered the sensory overload of the many landscapes and started my tour of the exhibit hall.

I concentrated on the use of stone in the exhibits. Although I have been working with stone for the last 30 years, I am always amazed with the creative ways stone is used in the displays. I found stone being used as a table accent under some fine china and crystal.

Then almost next to this exhibit I found massive ancient looking columns constructed in a primitive arch. You might think that Moses led his tribe to the Promised Land traveling under this arch. I love the simple use of these columns combined with the abundance of green. Green is the color of spring, but it also reminds me of clean and natural products that come from nature. It makes me think of the emphasis that is now being placed on green construction. This is construction with natural products, or products made from recycled products. This is a huge advantage of natural stone. It passes all the green construction tests, and has longevity and durability on its side.

As I wandered past the self-imposed historic arch, I found many other great landscapes that featured stone. Another great match with stone is the use of water. I saw fountains, streams and fish ponds. Whenever I see these beautiful water features they are always adorned with natural stone. There was stone used as coping, steppers, steps, pebble stream beds and inconspicuous accents used to create a captivating waterfall.

The last uses of stone in landscapes that I saw were the utilitarian uses. In these uses the stone is performing a function that assists the landscape or those that use the landscape. Steps, borders and retaining walls are a few examples. The use of stone in these applications give a sturdy long-lasting solution combined with an aesthetically pleasing function. How can you find fault with a monolithic granite step, or the use of cobblestones to create a border separating ones garden from the pathway?
I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I have many more posted in my Design Center for your enjoyment. I may not have impressed upon you the entire rich splendor of the show, but I hope that I have at least wet your appetite. If you missed the Flower Show this year, mark your calendars for next year and let me know if you enjoy it as much as I do.

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