Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Customer Comments and Testimonials

April is a busy month in the stone business. Spring brings everyone outside with enthusiasm and desire to start their landscaping projects. I have seen a huge increase in the amount of activity at Many of you are diligently working on improving your property with the use of my different stone products.

Cobblestones, pebbles, pavers and New England Fieldstone products with their durability and beauty are the most popular products that are being requested.

My building veneer and thin veneer are adorning many new structures with their bold texture and striking colors.
With all of this activity I have been getting many thoughtful comments from my customers.

Here are a few of their testimonials.

Lorie sent in the first comment. She is an existing customer, and uses my Mexican Beach Pebbles as a canvas to paint some beautiful figures.

Check out her website at to see some of her wonderful work. We have her pieces on our desk, so feel free to call us as a reference.

“You don't have to contact me, I just wanted to let you know my second order of samples arrived…the rocks inside are gorgeous! I know I must sound foolish, but each time I visit your website and look at your beautiful rocks, I feel like a kid in a candy store, lol! I only wish I was able to visit your place in person and buy your rocks to my hearts content! I can't wait to begin painting on my newest rocks! The smooth Mexican beach pebbles are a wonderful canvas! Thanks again! Lorie McLelland”

The second comment comes from a resident in one of our neighboring communities. She had a dilemma with fieldstone that was on her property. We were able to coordinate resources to remedy the situation.

I will call tomorrow to thank you but I am racing out the door right now.
The quiet prompted me to look out the window and note that… the job must be done.

…I hope someone sees value in the stuff that was so much headache and mess for us for nearly 20 years. You are tremendously good to have helped me out – not only will you remain on my list of heroes forever but I will be sure to send friends to your business and will be sure to use it myself the next time I am in the market for stone.

I hope to stop by sometime and say hello to you but do feel free to knock on the door anytime you are in my neighborhood. Here’s hoping spring has arrived for good, and that we won’t get to the steamy days of summer too quickly.”

Best regards,
Roseanne Saalfield

The final comment comes from a couple building a new home. They worked with David on stone for their fireplace. A small job, but no less rewarding.

“Hi David,
Mark and I went to our house site yesterday so were able to look at the stone. We wanted to thank you especially for the hearthstone and lintel piece. Both are excellent. The "bluestone" hearthstone has the color tones and texture that we hoped and the lintel piece is stunningly original. The mason hopes to begin work sometime this week.”

Mary and Mark O'Connor

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Let me know about your experience with It helps me build a better buying experience for you.

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