Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Newest Dealer - Ben Forsberg of Stone Master Scapes

Curiosity is actively exploring the environment, asking questions, and investigating possibilities.

Curiosity is the best way that I can describe Ben Forsberg’s inquiry into my dealer program at Ben is the owner and master mason of his company Stone Master Scapes of Jordan, MN. He has been working with stone over the last 20 years, building a clientele that demands the high quality stonework that he provides.

One of his customers was looking for stone that was different from the quarried stones that Ben normally works with. Since Ben started his career in New England, he felt he could explore sourcing the stone from this area of the country. He started his search on the Internet and immediately narrowed his search to

April Covell spoke with him initially, and sensed that there was more to the call than an order for some New England Fieldstone. She passed the call on to me and I spent the next thirty minutes answering questions that Ben had regarding my stone and my dealer program. When we were through I knew that he had "got it" because he was confident that his customer would like our stone and that he would be working with me as a source for New England Fieldstone in Minnesota.

A few days passed and Ben was on the phone again. This time he was ordering stone for his first project. He told me that he had a few more customers that were waiting to see the stone and then they would be ready to order for their projects.

Today his first load of stone shipped and should be in his yard by Monday.

This process usually takes weeks if not several months from start to finish. Ben actively pursued the opportunity that was available to him from, and will now be benefiting from his ability to sell New England Fieldstone in Minnesota.

His company is listed as a dealer of my products and he will be getting leads for my products immediately. I know that there is interest in his area for other products to include seaside and polished pebbles. If I were a betting man, I would bet that Ben will be ordering a second load shortly.

He is expanding his business by offering his customers a tried and tested product that is in high demand. Ben is providing the retail location and sales expertise, I am providing the national marketing and quality product, and his customers are providing the demand for quality natural stone products. The process is complete, and a win-win-win situation has been created.

Throughout this blog posting I have included some pictures of Ben’s work. You can find these pictures and more on his website at Here is a listing of some of the words that are used to describe Ben’s work:
Sitting walls
Weathered outcropping walls
Building veneer
Hot tub surround
Beautiful functional backyards
Steps and plinths
Simple and clean waterfalls

This is a clear and concise description of the work that Ben does.

What is even clearer and more concise is the name of his company. It best describes what Ben really is – a master of stone landscapes. Check out his website. If you are in the Jordan, MN area check out his business, and if you are lucky enough check out his work. Don’t forget to ask him about his New England Fieldstone products.

Enjoy the weekend. Actively explore your environment and investigate some of your possibilities.

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