Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New England Fieldstone – Ledgestone Building Veneer

New England Fieldstone is a very colorful stone when it is split to expose the graining in the stone. This graining is very strong and durable because the stone has been transformed into quartzitic stone with the use of high heat and intense pressure.

I have a building veneer stone that features the beautiful graining and colors in the stone while still providing structural durability to allow it to be used as a building veneer. This is my New England Fieldstone Ledgestone Building Veneer, or Ledgestone for short.

Ledgestone is very popular when the customer is looking for a wide palette of colors. The colors of the ledgestone include gray, brown, beige, green, white, orange and black. This broad range of colors is found in the New England Fieldstone because fieldstone is a conglomeration of stone with many different minerals and colors. The colors do not come to life until the stone has been split open. Once split open it exposes its vibrant colors for all the world to appreciate. It is not afraid to share its beauty as it sits proudly on the many buildings, fireplaces, chimneys and accent walls that it adorns.

I’ve included some pictures of a chimney constructed with the New England Ledgestone. You can see the full range of colors and the interesting grains in the stone. The chimney has a few pieces of the New England Fieldstone Roughly Square and Rectangular pieces mixed in with the ledgestone. These are the larger pieces that have square and rectangular shapes. This is also a building veneer, and is very popular when looking for shaped pieces of stone that still have the natural weathered face exposed on the veneer. I think it is a good compliment to the ledgestone because of its sizing, finish and texture.

If you are interested in these or any of my New England Natural Stone veneer products please give me a call at 800-231-2200. One of my knowledgeable sales representatives will be able to assist you in determining your stone requirements for your individual project.

Give it a try on your next building stone veneer job.

Either ledgestone or square and rectangular, they make a statement to lasting strength and unique beauty.

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