Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Truth about Stone Veneer

We have all noticed the dramatic increase in popularity of natural stone building veneer. Whether it is on a fireplace or the exterior of a new home or commercial building, stone veneer is the best choice for elegant, long-lasting beauty. carries over 20 different types of building and thin veneer, all of which have their own unique qualities and attributes.

Building veneer differs from thin veneer primarily in the thickness of the stone; it requires a 3- to 6-inch masonry shelf for installation. Our building veneer is available in Ledgestone, Mosaic, Round and Square/Rectangular cuts. Building veneer is great for use in exterior facades, front entrances, garden walls, custom-built homes and commercial properties such as shopping malls and office buildings.

Thin veneer is available in Ledgestone, Mosaic and Square/Rectangular cuts. It is thinner in size, ranging between 0.5 and 1.75 inches versus an average thickness of 3 to 6 inches for the building veneer. It is great to use when footings are not available. This stone can be applied directly over masonry or other surfaces. Thin veneer is an excellent choice for restoration, interior work and new construction.

Natural stone veneer gives any stone project the breathtaking look of New England architecture. Mosaic veneer consists of “broken ice” pieces of stone that create an irregular pattern closely resembling stone in its natural state. Round veneer adds old-world character to any project.

Square/Rectangular and Ledgestone cuts are fabricated in our New England facility. Mosaic pieces are cut into roughly square and rectangular shapes that give a more uniform look to your stone veneer project. Ledgestone is popular with customers looking for a wide palette of colors including gray, brown, beige, green, white, orange and black. Once Ledgestone is split, the vibrant colors are exposed for the world to appreciate.

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Anonymous said...

Great photos and a terrific looking product!

Anonymous said...

Nice intro.

Would be great to provide a budgetary range on square foot material/installation costs for the various veneer's. And differences in performance cost for natural vs. manufactured stone veneer's.

This would be a great help and incentive prospective owners to consider stone veneer(s).