Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Looking for a Personal Trainer? We are Getting "BUFF" at Stoneyard.com

Announcing the release of our newest product line, New England Buff. It is a completely natural stone with colors including tan, brown, and white. New England Buff is available as a Wallstone (Round Select Wallstone pictured below) and Building Veneers. The available cuts are Mosaic, Round, Square & Rectangular, and a unique Split-Face.

The Round Split-Faced Veneer has a beautiful flat face exposing the natural graining and colors of the stone. It can be installed with the flat face or the round side exposed. Each creates a different and impressive finish.

The Mosaic and Square & Rectangular cuts are unique in color and pattern. Fashioned after our already successful New England Fieldstone Veneers, the New England Buff puts a new twist on the original.

For more information on our Building Veneer and Wallstone please view our website.

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