Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fire up Your Winter with a Fabulous Fireplace!

This outdoor fireplace is an excellent way to enjoy those cool evenings in a cozy warm environment! Imagine star gazing by moonlight, listening to the crackle of the fire, taking in the calming aroma of burning wood. Sharing good conversation with close family and friends while toasting your marshmallows over the fire.

Our New England Fieldstone Square & Rectangular Veneer is available as both Building and Thin Veneer. Thin Veneer will give you the look of a full stone, without the added weight. Weighing in at less than 16lbs per SF, it makes installation a breeze! It is important to note that stone should never come in direct contact with the fire. Fire brick is used here to shield the beautiful stone veneer from the flames.

Square & Rectangular pieces are the perfect shape to make the corners flow seamlessly. Here, the stones were used in a weave pattern so that whichever side you view the stone from, you still get a seamless look.

Ehwa Stone Masonry(Ayer, MA) were the master minds behind this unique focal point. To view more pictures of this project and to contact Ehwa for your next stone project, please view their gallery in our Design Center.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

From Drab to Fab!

A Cinderella Story

Once upon a time their was a lonely old column in the middle of the showroom. So we spoke to Paul Sweeny from Cornerstone Masonry who decided to give it a much needed face lift. He created a different effect on each of its four sides that flow together seamlessly.

Using our popular New England Fieldstone Veneer products he was able to make our showroom a showcase. Our customers can now easily imagine the natural beauty of our stone in or on their home. Each of the different colors and shapes have their own unique characteristic to create an overall beautiful look.

For more information and pictures from Cornerstone Masonry please view their Gallery in our Design Center.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Natural Beauty Meets Old World Charm

Serene natural springs accented by waterfalls and ponds create a unique oasis that looks as if it was carved by nature. This colonial home has been standing for over 100 years. A portion of the home was lost in a fire, leaving the beautiful artistic fireplace pictured here. Rejuvenating this grand fireplace added to the old world charm of this unique property.

A series of springs and waterfalls are fashioned to blend naturally into this New England landscape. Echo chambers and multiple tiers of cascading water generate peaceful sounds to soothe your frazzled mind.

This beautiful landscape was created by Heritage Stoneworks using New England Fieldstone Natural Stone.

For more pictures of this project and to contact Heritage Stoneworks for your next landscaping project check out their gallery in our Design Center.