Monday, December 17, 2007

Great Walls and Water Spouts

As you enter the pool area through the wrought iron gate of this private residence, you can't help but feel like you're stepping back in time. Water flows from this beautiful rustic water spout, set apart by a unique archway and inlet. This great wall, built of New England Fieldstone Square & Rectangular Building Veneer creates the perfect backdrop for this aquatic showcase.
The owners wanted privacy for a pool that is located directly adjacent to the driveway. These free standing walls are more than 10 ft. tall and span the entire distance of the yard. Once you step into the pool area, you are completely cut off from the world and able to relax free of interruptions.

Our original New England Fieldstone Building Veneer was specially customized for this job. One of the elements that was requested was to leave the aged natural face of each of the stones. The second and most prevalent element was that each of the stones had to be rectangular in shape.

This project was done by Greenscape. To view more photos of this project and to contact the landscape contractor directly, please view their gallery in the Design Center.

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