Friday, February 29, 2008

Announcing Stonewood Products as's Newest Dealer

Now carrying our popular New England thin stone veneer

Stonewood Products has two locations on Cape Cod including Mashpee and Harwich, MA. They are a leading supplier of hardscape & masonry supplies including cast lighting, concrete stain, lumber, and stone products. With a compilation of great products and a friendly sales staff, Stonewood Products is a perfect addition to the family.

Stonewood Products is carrying the full line of New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer.'s New England Fieldstone Ledgestone Thin Veneer has been a number one seller for them since the product line was introduced.

Stonewood Products has a fleet of trucks that delivers quality products throughout New England to contractors, landscapers, and homeowners daily. Stop by and check out their well organized and customer friendly showroom at either one of their two locations.

516 DEPOT ST - HARWICH, MA 02645
(508) 430-5020

544 ROUTE 130 - MASHPEE, MA 02649
(508) 477-9950
For more information including pictures, please view their gallery in the Design Center.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting "In Shape" with

Learn how to properly trim Thin Veneer for your next stone project

Here at we reclaim New England Fieldstone from farms and fields throughout New England. This natural stone is used to cut my New England Fieldstone Thin Veneers. It is available in four popular cuts including: Ledgestone, Mosaic, Square & Rectangular, and our newest cut, Round. When using these great veneers for your installations please remember that this stone is hard and dense. It is important to layout the stones before you start the install to create the best possible pattern and look for your project.

Trimming of the stone may be necessary if you are looking for a more uniform look. It is recommended that you use masonry tools to trim as much as possible to keep the natural faces of the stone intact. Start from the outside of the stone and work your way in, chipping the stone off in small pieces. If you try to chip too much of the stone at once you may end up breaking it where you didn't intend.

If you need to remove more stone than you can chip, it is recommended that you use a diamond blade to cut the stone. Make sure you mark where you want to cut the stone with something that is water resistant. Cutting stone requires a considerable amount of water to keep the stone cool and the blade free of stone chips and debris. Cutting should be done outside or someplace where you can contain the water and clean it up easily.

Finally, keep your cut about 1/4 of an inch away from where you need to end up. Chip the last 1/4 inch with your masonry tools. This will give the sawn edge a rough natural look that is consistent with the rest of the stone. recommends using a mason or other stone professional to do the installation for your stone projects. For help finding a stone professional near you, please use our Dealer/Installer search. For more information on our products and installation please visit our Literature section. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Check out our New Thin Veneer Saw Video!

It's finally here and up and running! has invested in a new Thin Veneer saw to help support the growing demand for our natural stone Thin Veneer products. We will now be able to produce not only new products, but also more uniform cuts and we can keep larger quantities in stock. New England Fieldstone Round Thin Veneer is one of our more popular new products. We have just started production and we have already received several orders for this fantastic looking product.
With the addition of this new saw, we have greater control over the thickness of our thin veneer stone. Our sawn thin veneer will now average from 1.25 to 1.75 inches thick. Having a more consistent thickness will assist with the ease of installation. We will also be able to produce Thin Veneer corners at a faster more productive rate, making the two cuts in only one pass.
We continue to provide top quality New England Fieldstone in many different sizes. Our Dealers and customers have been requesting our products in larger sizes. We now can cut thin veneer up to 12 inches high and 20 inches wide.
This video details the production of our New England Fieldstone Ledgestone Thin Veneer and our Square & Rectangular Corners. Click here to see the Thin Veneer Saw Video.

All of our New England Fieldstone products are green products with a very small Carbon footprint. Make sure to request's New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer for your LEED certified project. Our Thin Veneers are New England tested and Mother Nature approved.