Thursday, May 15, 2008

Somerset Stone is now Carrying Thin Veneer!

Come and check out our new dealer in Fairfield, ME, Somerset Stone Center & Excavation. Recently, the new owners Wayne and Becky Tibbetts came to visit and they told us a little about their experience with the New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer.

The company has been around for over 22 years. They started out specializing in manufactured Thin Veneer and have recently switched their focus to natural stone Thin Veneers. "Once we started showing the New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer in our showroom and explained the difference to my customers, there was no contest. They prefer the natural stone every time."

The common misconception is that natural stone is out of the question because it is more expensive than the manufactured stone. Wayne has discovered that this is simply not true. "The problem with manufactured stone is that you get the same pieces in every box. In order to create something without a repeating pattern, you end up needing to purchase additional material that you would not need using natural stone. You will never find two pieces of New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer that are the same." This is just one of the many different reasons why natural stone is the way to go.

Somerset Stone Center & Excavation carries over 21 different natural stone Thin Veneer. An excellent showroom is also available to help with your stone selection. "Your home is important to you. It offers shelter, comfort, and a sense of well-being. The craftsmen at Somerset Stone Center & Excavation will work with you to design walkways, patios, stonewalls, and more that will add creative design and natural beauty to your home and yard."

So stop by, say hello, and check out all of your options for natural stone Thin Veneer.

Somerset Stone Center & Excavation

Wayne and Becky Tibbetts

43 Green Rd.

Fairfield, Me 04935

(207) 453-2616

New England Fieldstone "In the Buff"

We are "stripping down" the New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer to create our newest line of New England Buff Thin Veneer. It is available in both Mosaic and Square & Rectangular cuts. It is great to use as a stone facade, on a fireplace, or on a stone wall.

The New England Buff Mosaic and Square & Rectangular consist of a tighter range of colors than the New England Fieldstone. These colors include rusts, beige's, tans, light grays, and oranges. This is perfect for those looking for stones with great coloring, but that does not have as wide a color pallet.
In this project, the New England Buff Mosaic was used to face a pre-existing cement wall. Adding the stone as a facade really pulls the backyard entertainment area together. The stone warms the space, creating an inviting environment that blends perfectly with the elements that mother nature has already provided.

This space was built by:



HUDSON, MA 01749


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Warm up your Cabin or any Home with New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer!!

New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer has many different looks and uses. It can be modern or eclectic. Here it helps to create an inviting rustic environment. The natural tones in the wood bring out the great coloring of the stone. Whether it be Mosaic, Round, Square & Rectangular, or Ledgestone, New England Fieldstone is the stone of choice for log homes.'s New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer has been harvested from farms and fields throughout New England. Our natural thin veneer highlights the use of green construction utilized in this home. It adds old world charm while creating a maintenance free surface that gives a rustic look and feel to the room.

This fireplace was designed and built by:

Sue Halka
414 Vaughn Rd
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
(518) 524-6353

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Great Stone, Great Mason, Great Home! A Conversation with Fred Anderson of Anderson Construction New England Fieldstone natural stone blends beautifully with your home environment. We are the largest supplier and manufacturer of New England Fieldstone natural stone products. Whether it be thin veneer, building veneer or wallstone, has the perfect cut for your next stone project.

Recently, Fred Anderson of Anderson Construction came by the yard to discuss a project with me regarding some special stone that he needed split. He ended up telling us a little about how he feels about and our New England Fieldstone products. "They always have an ample supply of whatever size and type of New England Fieldstone that I need. There is never a shortage of stone and I can always count on them to deliver."

A great example he gave was about a job that he completed in Concord, MA. "The job specified some really flat New England Fieldstone. They ( were able to produce what I needed to get the job. The stone was sized right for the job application with very little waste. You can get whatever size stone you need with a look that is consistent." This allowed Fred to finish the job on time and on budget. Fred was very happy to work with on this challenging project.

Another great aspect of and their products is their availability and hands on service. "What I love is that if I ever have any questions about any little detail about the stones or fabrication, John, David, and the sales staff are always available and willing to give their expert opinion on the challenge that I have. They are always glad to help me out." During this visit I worked out a solution to allow Fred to use some stone he had on site that he needed to complete the stonewall he was working on. I didn't sell him any stone, but he will come back next time he needs our New England Fieldstone for his stone solution.

Fred Anderson is an exceptional mason. He tells me that working with stone is like creating a piece of art. You can deliver the same stones to 3 different masons, and each creation will be completely different. If you want top quality workmanship for your landscaping project, feel free to contact Anderson Construction for a review of your plans and an expert consultation.

Fred Anderson
Anderson Construction

Anderson Construction has a great website that is very usable and shows off his work well. You can also visit their gallery in our design center.