Monday, June 23, 2008

Majestic Fireplace with Unprecedented Architecture!

This elaborate fireplace and chimney was made with our New England Fieldstone Ledgestone Building Veneer. This fieldstone is cut and split creating a beautiful split-face stone veneer. The tight mortarless joints create a striking modern look. The use of bluestone and natural wood accents really brings out the uniqueness of the project.

Custom built-in cabinets that span the height of the room were added to display books and collectibles. The fireplace has an obelisk form, as it tapers in from both sides as well as the front and back. A majestic design that adds depth and strength to the room.

With high ceilings and detailed architecture, this project is sure to turn heads. It is a grand focal point that will be the topic of conversation as people gather around the fireplace for warmth and conversation.

This project was completed by a true mason and artisan:

(401) 374-3643

For more pictures of this and other projects, please visit his gallery in our Design Center.

With his expertise and professional eye, Don created a unique fireplace that will be valued by its owners for years to come. Give Don a call to see what he can design for your next stone project!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Versatility of New England Fieldstone

Our New England Fieldstone is available for many different uses and in many different ways; Thin Veneer, Building Veneer, Wallstone, and Flagging just to name a few. Here, our New England Fieldstone Round Building Veneer was used to create these grand walls at a private residence in Massachusetts. You can see that tiers were used to add a little depth and architecture to the project.

Long stretches and elevation changes break up and add more character to this impressive structure. Thousands of ton of New England Fieldstone make up this unique system of walls. Clean lines and attention to detail make for a beautiful finished project.

Sleek curvatures and columns accent the entrance to the property. The even lines continue seamlessly throughout the entire project. Each stone was hand selected to fit perfectly just like a piece of a puzzle.

For more pictures of this project, please view our Building Veneer Gallery.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Fieldstone Adds Flair to Any Construction

Whether your home is being remodeled or is just being built, New England Fieldstone Ledgestone Thin Veneer is the ideal stone for your interior or exterior project. It fits with any decor and is maintenance free. New England natural stones are perfect to use for those who are interested in using "green" materials.

This project utilizes our New England Fieldstone to create a thinly stacked look with paper thin joints and stones that are less than 3 inches thick. This project was completed by:

Mason: Dale Robinson

For more project photos please view their gallery in the Design Center.