Wednesday, August 20, 2008 Introduces Sawn Fieldstone Pavers and Tiles

Our Thin Veneer saw has recently been added to our vast array of stone fabrication equipment. With this new saw we are fabricating many beautiful cuts of New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer. As we cut our Thin Veneer we discovered that we were able to create New England Fieldstone Pavers and Tiles. has just released our New England Fieldstone Round and Square & Rectangular Sawn Top Pavers and Tiles. They are used for both interior and exterior applications. The pavers are approximately 1.5 inches thick and are used for walkways and patios. The Tiles are approximately .75 inches thick and can be used in sunrooms and entryways. Contractors have even used them on bathroom floors and showers.

This is a unique cut of stone that you won't find at Home Depot or Loews. It is environmentally friendly, created by Mother Nature, durable enough to hold up to New England weather and only found at The fact that it looks great is just an added benefit.

To learn more about New England Fieldstone Tiles and Pavers, visit the flooring page at:

You're going to love this paver!

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