Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Spruce up that Empty Corner with a Fiery Stone Creation!

Unused or underutilized corners and slopes in backyards often pose an issue when trying to design an outdoor living space. Greayer Design Associates was called in by this homeowner to help solve this very problem. They had a large slope dominating the yard that gave them very little working space. The homeowners were hoping to transform this space into a more functional and beautiful area.

After interviewing the homeowner, Rochelle Greayer of Greayer Associates determined that the use of stone and fire was important to the design of the backyard. Also, the slope could be used as the backdrop for a rustic outdoor fireplace. The use of New England Fieldstone gives the project a pastoral feel that looks like it has always been there.

The arched firebox adds a little artistic flair that shows off the mason's skill and ability. The Romans created the arch, and this fireplace features it with the use of bluestone legs and New England Fieldstone for the arch pieces.

Bland backyards can easily be transformed into a relaxing getaway. Wouldn't it be great to step into your backyard and be transported to an exotic location? Beautiful hardscapes with accent plants and accessories that pop, this space is a site to behold. Punches of red and wrought iron pieces give the space a true Tuscan flair.

This space was created by Greayer Design Associates. Contact them today to help create your own "getaway".

Greayer Design Associates
Harvard, MA

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