Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interior Stone for Wine Cellar - Video Tour

Interior Stone for Wine Cellar
A Video Tour and Testimonial from the Builder
Stone Wine Cellar Video Tour

Ed Lochran of Charles River Wine Cellars shares a tour of his most recent creation. This 1200 bottle wine cellar showcases one of the many interior applications for Thin Veneer. The project owner wanted an antique look and Ed achieved this with Square & Rectangular New England Fieldstone on the walls and archway.

Watch the Video

- Antique stone
- Thin Veneer stone on the archway
- Ease of use
- High product utilization with limited waste

Charles River Wine Cellars
Wellesley Hills, MA
(781) 235-2501

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Shantel said...

They need to add more space since majority of those buyers prefer to drink inside the store.

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