Thursday, March 18, 2010 Releases 3 Part Spec for Reclaimed Stone Siding, the country's leader in reclaimed Historic New England Fieldstone, is pleased to announce the release of a 3 Part Specification that offers two firsts. This document addresses both types of veneer, and it also addresses genuine Historic New England Fieldstone.

Adhered thin veneer is natural stone sawn to one inch thick; light enough to meet building code requirements for use as interior siding without a supporting masonry shelf. Anchored building veneer is a 3-6 inch full thickness stone. It is used on exterior applications and installed with masonry ties and a weight bearing stone footing.

New England Fieldstone is America's oldest building stone, found only in New England, and visible in walls dotting the landscape. Over the course of hundreds of years of farming and inhabitation, the stones littering the soil were pushed to the surface and gathered a unique patina of weathered colors.

"New Englanders take pride in our stone and know it is a unique feature of our heritage. Sawn thin veneer is light enough to adhere to the wall, but that also makes it affordable to ship to projects throughout the country that want our unique color blend," said John Croteau, President of "Project owners can also customize the fieldstone pattern with our 5 distinctive shapes: Round, Square & Rectangular, Ashlar, Mosaic, and thin stacked Ledgestone."

"The market is shifting away from artificial stone siding due to downsides like solar fading and ocean spray / road salt decay, ” said Michael Bangs, Dealer Sales Rep for "It truly is a green building product, not just because of LEED certification, but because it represents a lower cost of ownership. That's the shade of green customers care about most."

A 3 Part Specification is a pre-formatted document that architects use to insert relevant details into project plans.

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