Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Which did they choose: vinyl, brick, or natural stone?

New England Fieldstone Boston Blend Mosaic & Round Thin Veneer

A great way to enhance a construction project or home renovation is by adding natural stone veneer to the exterior. This new custom home used:
  • Vinyl siding
  • Brick for rear chimney
  • New England Fieldstone for the front entrance as the focal point

This private residence in Massachusetts used Boston Blend New England
Mosaic and Round Thin Veneer. A 75% Mosaic and 25% Round
mix was used to create a unique look. Round corners were used throughout the
project to create a soft, soothing New England texture.

Why did they choose New England Fieldstone for this home?
  • Adds an elegant and rich look to the
  • Unique - every job is a different variation on an old classic
  • Natural stone veneer has colors that blend well with the native environment
  • It captures the essence of the historic New England setting

This project will be completed soon, and the progress to date is stunning!

Watch the video and view more photos of this beautiful New England masterpiece.

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