Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Unique and Inspiring Architecture

Afraid of heights? If you are then you wouldn't want to live here! This home was designed by Warren Schwartz for his wife BSO violinist Sheila Fiekowsky. Why is this home so interesting you ask? Well, it cantilevers for 45 ft, 14 ft off the ground! It was featured in an article by the Wall Street Journal.

"Visitors walk through a long slice of hallway, past three terraced bedrooms, before arriving in the great room. Round, steel support beams painted white slice across the home's glass walls at varying angles. Midway through the home, thin steel sheets that have been folded into steps connect the home's rooftop terrace to the basement-and-patio level.

Walls of frosted glass separate the 12-by-11-foot bedrooms from the hallway and translucent, honeycombed plastic doors slide away to reveal en-suite bathrooms. "I wanted everything to be very light in color, light in structure, and feel as much as possible like floating," said Mr. Schwartz, age 67."  (Juliet Chung,


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