Friday, September 28, 2012

Stone Fireplace Pictures for Project Ideas

Stone Fireplace pictures to provide inspirational ideas for your next stone project. For further exploration, visit the photo gallery or our Stone Fireplace Pinterest board.

 Visualized Fireplace - Greenwich Gray Square & Rectangular

Traditional Fireplace Design featuring Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer 

   Contemporary Design of New England Fieldstone Square & Rectangular and Mosaic Veneer 

 Contemporary Design featuring Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer

Traditional Design featuring  New England Fieldstone Round Building Veneer Fireplace

Decorative Stone products created from New England Fieldstone

New England Fieldstone is used as a decorative stone from Massachusetts.  Natural Stone Veneer is created from Fieldstone to make a building material to side homes and other building structures.  Fieldstone can also be used as a decorative stone for crafts found throughout Massachusetts and other New England states.  takes pride in crafting all natural, real stone veneer from Historic New England Fieldstone and other all natural stone products.  Our stone veneer, siding or cladding, is used for homes, offices, hardscapes, landscaping or any other architectural construction project that demands the finest surface covering.

The Boston Globe  recently published an article noting an honorable mention representing American Stonecraft.  “Now, for the first time in our history, I am proud to introduce a collection of home accessories; lighting, vessels, and stoneware, that capture the timeless beauty of New England's dramatic fieldstone. This glacial rubble is gathered each spring from the frost bitten topsoil commonly seen in farmer's walls. The inner beauty of this fieldstone is now refined and polished to make it so much more than the raw forms we often see. I am grateful to have you follow my collection as it evolves from humble beginnings in 2010 to the collection you see today.” ( Artist/Craftsman: Gerald Croteau)

Whether you are constructing a building or simply purchasing a remarkable gift, New England Fieldstone will provide you with beauty and durability to last a lifetime. Decorative Stone from Massachusetts and throughout other New England States will be a dependable product for your all your stone needs.

New England Stone Plate to be used for cheese, sushi, and other nibbles.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs

When creating a fireplace design there are several aspects to consider. The material you choose to face it can be the most important. Picking natural Stone Veneer will bring neutral colors and texture into your home that will certainly match your home decor. Natural Stone Veneer will add beauty and elegance to your fireplace as well as a touch of history if you use’s New England Fieldstone.

Whether you are constructing a new fireplace or resurfacing an existing structure you may be debating extending it to your ceiling line or cropping it halfway up the wall.  Please note that such design aspects do not disturb the existing exterior chimney structure.  If you choose to extend the interior design of the fireplace this is a simple, easy addition. You might wish to add an arch or follow your ceiling’s natural line. Depth and dimension can also be added.  You may also wish to recess the area below the mantel and add a keystone.

You might prefer a more traditional design or lean more towards a contemporary design. Natural Stone Veneer can represent either design themes. Designing your fireplace is a personal decision.  Here are some Stone fireplace images for design inspiration.  For further exploration, please visit our Stone Fireplace Pinterest board.

 Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace Featuring Boston Blend Round Stone

Designing Exterior Entrances with Natural Stone Facade

The front entrance to your home or office is integral in creating a lasting first impression. The addition of natural stone adds a pop of color and rich texture that will set the tone for the entire building. An exterior stone facade provides a warm and inviting entrance that welcomes all who enter your doors. There are many different stone veneer color and shape options available to match any decor. Below are a few examples of exterior veneer commercial and residential projects. 

Entire House with Exterior Stone Facade

 Square & Rectangular Boston Blend Thin Veneer and Building Veneer

Office Building with Ashlar Entrance

Featuring Boston Blend Ashlar foundation covering and stone siding.

Tedesco Country Club Natural Stone Veneer

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building and Renovating with Durable and Natural Thin Stone

There are many home siding options available for a homeowner who is building a new structure or simply renovating.'s thin stone cladding is durable and will stand the test of time making it the responsible choice for your home siding.

Using this natural building material when refacing exterior or interior walls is a rewarding experience. This amazing stone was created by mother nature and will not deteriorate or change color with age, like artificial or man-made veneer options. Natural Stone Veneer is as close to organic as one can achieve in a building product. 

Below are some examples of different stone renovations and new construction with stone. Visit our searchable photo gallery for more great photos of stone fireplaces, stone siding, foundation stone coverings, and commercial constructions with stone.

Boston Blend Ashlar stone siding and foundation covering renovation

Boston Blend Mosaic new construction project with natural stone entrance accent


Boston Blend Ledgestone new construction with siding, chimney, and foundation

New construction with Boston Blend Round siding and foundation covering

For more information on renovating with New England stone, please visit our stone veneer products page.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Stone Veneer Landscape Design

The combination of stone and landscape sounds as natural as it appears.  When retaining walls are necessary to create a desired design the walls need to blend naturally.  Using stone will help the landscape design appear in a natural state.  The ultimate goal in Landscaping is to achieve a balance between creative design and organic landscape. Veneering the landscape retaining walls with Natural Stone Veneer gives the design an authentic look. has 5 different shapes of stone as well as 5 different colors to choose from.  The landscape mason has a choice to use Thin Stone Veneer, Building Veneer or Wall Stone.  Stone Images of all three stone styles can be viewed as followed. 

Friday, September 07, 2012

Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace

Using stone to construct a fireplace is a timeless design.  The history that surrounds the use of stone as a building product has created a tradition that extends into the past and continues into the future.’s natural Stone Veneer embodies this timeless aspect by re-purposing stone made by earth elements.  Natural Stone Veneer holds the integrity of being durable as well as a sustainable building product.’s natural stone veneer is one of the most environmentally friendly or “green” products on the market today.

By combining fire and stone to create a fireplace one will illuminate memories made which adds warmth that touches the heart and soul.  Natural Stone Veneer is not only genuine, it is also an extraordinary architectural experience.’s  Natural Stone Veneer images can be viewed as followed to aid in the inspiration of your next stone project. Stone fireplace pictures as well as exterior stone wall panels will provide a visual stone resource. 



Outdoor Fireplace Picture

Ledgestone Stone on Fireplace

Traditional Outdoor Fireplace Design
     Contemporary Fireplace Design Photo


Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stone for Home's Exterior Walls

Using stone for your home’s exterior walls is beautiful, durable and environmentally sustainable.  By choosing natural stone veneer for your home’s exterior walls you are making a “green decision” that will support the earth while ensuring authentic quality for your home.  New England Fieldstone is natural stone created by Mother Nature and cultivated in New England.’s natural stone is one of the most environmentally friendly or “green” products on the market today.  New England Fieldstone is cultivated from weathered stonewalls, gathered and stacked over the past 150 years. It’s a piece of history that creates lasting beauty for any stone project.  Our Thin Veneer is re-purposed stone, not manufactured.  This means that Mother Nature has already done most of the work producing it.  All we do is turn it into a product that meets your specifications. completes the process by sorting, splitting, sawing, palletizing, and inspecting to ensure the highest quality natural stone.  New England Fieldstone Thin Veneer is impressive on any residential or commercial surface.  Natural Thin Veneer from New England adds lasting value to any stone project.  Due to the lightweight and thinness of the stone, labor costs are reduced by up to 50%.  Local New England Fieldstone is cut the way you use it.  Thin Veneer from New England Fieldstone is available flat or round, split or weathered.  It also has a matching Building Veneer (3-6” thick) and Wall stone to complement and tie in your stone project.  Pricing is competitive and affordable. We offer a top quality product that is second to none.

The natural, earthy tones of New England Fieldstone creates an environment that is calming and serene.  A clear and tranquil expanse of New England Fieldstone can soothe your mind, especially after a hectic day at work.  New England Fieldstone is lightweight, less than 16lbs/SF, yet durable for the harshest climates.  It is a dense quartzitic stone that can stand up to all weather conditions.

At we pride ourselves in crafting all natural, real stone veneer from Historic New England Fieldstone and other all natural stone products.  Our stone veneer, siding or cladding, is used for homes, offices, hardscapes, landscaping or any other architectural construction project that demands the finest surface covering.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Natural Stone Veneer

Handcrafted in the heart of New England, creates all-natural stone products for discerning architects, contractors, consumers and designers. We count ourselves among the best in the world at re-purposing Historic New England Fieldstone.

This unique and majestic stone is a dense quartzitic conglomerate that is gathered from farms and fields throughout New England, It has been used as a building material since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

‘Boston Blend’ is our unique brand of New England Fieldstone. We sort, split, and saw this naturally weathered stone into a product that can be used for your residential and commercial projects such as home siding, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, stone walls, outdoor kitchens, columns, or even wine cellars. produces and sells all-natural New England Stone Veneer made from real stone (NOT man-made, artificial or cultured stone) right here in the USA. Our natural stone, Thin Veneer and full-thickness Building Veneer is available in 5 shapes and 5 beautiful colors.

Natural Stone Veneer Specifications

Thin Stone Veneer: Thickness: 1 inch
Building Stone veneer: Thickness: 3-5 inch

Corners are made from full thickness stone with a minimum 2 inch return, to create the appearance of the full thickness stone without the added weight.

Boston Blend Ledgestone Veneer
The Ledgestone pattern of stone veneer consists of thin strips of natural stone for siding/facing/cladding. Stacked, dry, jointed, or over-grout looks available from installation technique chosen by the installer.

Boston Blend Strips Veneer
Boston Blend Strips is real, all natural Thin Stone Veneer that has been sawn and split for quick, easy, and seamless installation. Each piece is 1-4 inches in height, sawn on the top and bottom, with a beautiful split textured face. It highlights the vibrant earth tones of New England Fieldstone including grays, blacks, tans, pinks and whites.

Boston Blend Round Veneer
Round Stone Veneer has the irregular outside shapes of a smooth yet irregular mosaic pattern, with the depth and impact of rounded stones. Its rustic qualities lend themselves well to an Old-World style. Its natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone. Round is the most traditional New England shape.

Colonial Tan Mosaic Veneer
Mosaic pattern stone veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing, and cladding. The shapes consist primarily of triangles and stop sign shapes and the pattern is similar to the mosaic dimensions created from broken ice. Colonial Tan is a natural stone that consists of radiant browns, beiges, tans, and light grays accentuated by gold and silver specks. These earthy tan colors give your project a fresh, unmistakable look.

Greenwich Gray Ashlar Veneer
Greenwich Gray is a natural stone with consistent steel blue and gray coloring. Subtle stripes of white and green add character and depth. Ashlar Face Veneer is taller than Ledgestone veneer with a roughly rectangular shape. Its face shows that the stone has been split apart, revealing the vibrant and more varied colors of the inside grain of the stone.

Vineyard Granite Square and Rectangular Veneer
Pieces are roughly square and roughly rectangular in shape. Vineyard Granite is a coarse grain stone indigenous to the central core of New England mountain ranges. The stone is predominantly gray, black and white with splendid crystals of peach and pink.

For further Stone Veneer information visit