Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building and Renovating with Durable and Natural Thin Stone

There are many home siding options available for a homeowner who is building a new structure or simply renovating.'s thin stone cladding is durable and will stand the test of time making it the responsible choice for your home siding.

Using this natural building material when refacing exterior or interior walls is a rewarding experience. This amazing stone was created by mother nature and will not deteriorate or change color with age, like artificial or man-made veneer options. Natural Stone Veneer is as close to organic as one can achieve in a building product. 

Below are some examples of different stone renovations and new construction with stone. Visit our searchable photo gallery for more great photos of stone fireplaces, stone siding, foundation stone coverings, and commercial constructions with stone.

Boston Blend Ashlar stone siding and foundation covering renovation

Boston Blend Mosaic new construction project with natural stone entrance accent


Boston Blend Ledgestone new construction with siding, chimney, and foundation

New construction with Boston Blend Round siding and foundation covering

For more information on renovating with New England stone, please visit our stone veneer products page.

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