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Natural Stone Veneer

Handcrafted in the heart of New England, creates all-natural stone products for discerning architects, contractors, consumers and designers. We count ourselves among the best in the world at re-purposing Historic New England Fieldstone.

This unique and majestic stone is a dense quartzitic conglomerate that is gathered from farms and fields throughout New England, It has been used as a building material since the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock.

‘Boston Blend’ is our unique brand of New England Fieldstone. We sort, split, and saw this naturally weathered stone into a product that can be used for your residential and commercial projects such as home siding, fireplaces, chimneys, foundations, stone walls, outdoor kitchens, columns, or even wine cellars. produces and sells all-natural New England Stone Veneer made from real stone (NOT man-made, artificial or cultured stone) right here in the USA. Our natural stone, Thin Veneer and full-thickness Building Veneer is available in 5 shapes and 5 beautiful colors.

Natural Stone Veneer Specifications

Thin Stone Veneer: Thickness: 1 inch
Building Stone veneer: Thickness: 3-5 inch

Corners are made from full thickness stone with a minimum 2 inch return, to create the appearance of the full thickness stone without the added weight.

Boston Blend Ledgestone Veneer
The Ledgestone pattern of stone veneer consists of thin strips of natural stone for siding/facing/cladding. Stacked, dry, jointed, or over-grout looks available from installation technique chosen by the installer.

Boston Blend Strips Veneer
Boston Blend Strips is real, all natural Thin Stone Veneer that has been sawn and split for quick, easy, and seamless installation. Each piece is 1-4 inches in height, sawn on the top and bottom, with a beautiful split textured face. It highlights the vibrant earth tones of New England Fieldstone including grays, blacks, tans, pinks and whites.

Boston Blend Round Veneer
Round Stone Veneer has the irregular outside shapes of a smooth yet irregular mosaic pattern, with the depth and impact of rounded stones. Its rustic qualities lend themselves well to an Old-World style. Its natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone. Round is the most traditional New England shape.

Colonial Tan Mosaic Veneer
Mosaic pattern stone veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing, and cladding. The shapes consist primarily of triangles and stop sign shapes and the pattern is similar to the mosaic dimensions created from broken ice. Colonial Tan is a natural stone that consists of radiant browns, beiges, tans, and light grays accentuated by gold and silver specks. These earthy tan colors give your project a fresh, unmistakable look.

Greenwich Gray Ashlar Veneer
Greenwich Gray is a natural stone with consistent steel blue and gray coloring. Subtle stripes of white and green add character and depth. Ashlar Face Veneer is taller than Ledgestone veneer with a roughly rectangular shape. Its face shows that the stone has been split apart, revealing the vibrant and more varied colors of the inside grain of the stone.

Vineyard Granite Square and Rectangular Veneer
Pieces are roughly square and roughly rectangular in shape. Vineyard Granite is a coarse grain stone indigenous to the central core of New England mountain ranges. The stone is predominantly gray, black and white with splendid crystals of peach and pink.

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