Friday, September 07, 2012

Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace

Using stone to construct a fireplace is a timeless design.  The history that surrounds the use of stone as a building product has created a tradition that extends into the past and continues into the future.’s natural Stone Veneer embodies this timeless aspect by re-purposing stone made by earth elements.  Natural Stone Veneer holds the integrity of being durable as well as a sustainable building product.’s natural stone veneer is one of the most environmentally friendly or “green” products on the market today.

By combining fire and stone to create a fireplace one will illuminate memories made which adds warmth that touches the heart and soul.  Natural Stone Veneer is not only genuine, it is also an extraordinary architectural experience.’s  Natural Stone Veneer images can be viewed as followed to aid in the inspiration of your next stone project. Stone fireplace pictures as well as exterior stone wall panels will provide a visual stone resource. 



Outdoor Fireplace Picture

Ledgestone Stone on Fireplace

Traditional Outdoor Fireplace Design
     Contemporary Fireplace Design Photo


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