Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stone Veneer Fireplace Designs

When creating a fireplace design there are several aspects to consider. The material you choose to face it can be the most important. Picking natural Stone Veneer will bring neutral colors and texture into your home that will certainly match your home decor. Natural Stone Veneer will add beauty and elegance to your fireplace as well as a touch of history if you use’s New England Fieldstone.

Whether you are constructing a new fireplace or resurfacing an existing structure you may be debating extending it to your ceiling line or cropping it halfway up the wall.  Please note that such design aspects do not disturb the existing exterior chimney structure.  If you choose to extend the interior design of the fireplace this is a simple, easy addition. You might wish to add an arch or follow your ceiling’s natural line. Depth and dimension can also be added.  You may also wish to recess the area below the mantel and add a keystone.

You might prefer a more traditional design or lean more towards a contemporary design. Natural Stone Veneer can represent either design themes. Designing your fireplace is a personal decision.  Here are some Stone fireplace images for design inspiration.  For further exploration, please visit our Stone Fireplace Pinterest board.

 Natural Stone Veneer Fireplace Featuring Boston Blend Round Stone

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