Monday, October 29, 2012

Home with Round Natural Stone Siding, Columns, and Chimney

Featuring the Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer


Stone accents, architectural details, and impeccable landscaping give this home some amazing curb appeal. They used the Boston Blend Round Thin Veneer on the chimney, surrounding the entrance, as a wall accent, and on columns.

The gray color of the siding blends perfectly with the neutral colors that make up the Boston Blend Round. A farmers porch complete with rocking chairs has the perfect rustic stone backdrop for those lazy Sundays. The chimney stands tall with bluestone caps. Matching corners give the appearance of full stones without the added weight.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greenwich Gray Thin Stone Veneer Creates a Harmonious Architectural Design

The first step in designing your stone project is creating a color palette.  Your stone choice will represent your desired design. Neutral and tranquil stone colors will illuminate a calm, relaxing environment.  Greenwich Gray is a natural stone with consistent steel blue and gray coloring.  Subtle stripes of white and green add character and depth.  The natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone adding shades of tan and beige.

Picking the right shape of stone can compliment your surrounding architectural environment.  Take a moment to view the architectural lines and surface areas where your stone project will be located.  Do you notice several 90 degree horizontal and vertical lines?  If your answer is yes, then choosing a square and rectangular or ledgestone (rectilinear) shaped stone is the best fit for your design scheme.  If your home consists of angular and diagonal lines then a mosaic pattern is best.

Greenwich Gray Square & Rectangular pieces are roughly square and rectangular in shape.  Using square and rectangular shapes will allow you to achieve clean straight lines.  The color, shape and  texture of your stone choice will aid in the creation of a harmonious architectural design.

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Mixing Thin Stone Colors & Shapes for Your Project

When designing your home or commercial space, every structure has unique design elements. Sometimes, a little customization is just what is needed to make the space truly your own. A great way to do this is with the use of natural stone. By blending the different colors and shapes you can create your own unique work of art.

By mixing the Ledgestone shape with Ashlar or Square & Rectangular you can break up the straight lines and add height and texture. Adding Mosaic Stone Veneer to the Round shape will allow for tighter joints and a nice dip and bubble effect for dimension and flow.

Colonial Tan Sq & Rec (60%), Colonial Tan Ledge (20%), Yorkshire Granite Ledge (20%)

Boston Blend Round (50%), Boston Blend Mosaic (50%)

Mixing and matching a variety of different colors is the best way to suit your personal color palette. Adding the Greenwich Gray to the Boston Blend will give you a darker more modern look. Conversely, you may wish to add Colonial tan to the Boston Blend for more warm earth tones. Also, blending the Vineyard Granite will add a touch of rich red Merlot colors. Whichever you choose your taste will be satisfied with our outstanding Natural Stone Veneer options.

Boston Blend Ledge (56%), Boston Blend Ashlar (19%), Greenwich Gray Ledge (19%)

Custom color and shape blends are always possible with natural stone veneer. Your creative choice in stone combinations ensures the perfect unique blend for your project. Take a look at some more of the different combinations used on the projects below.

Be sure to watch our project videos and view our searchable photo gallery for more inspiration and design ideas.

Friday, October 05, 2012

A Seamless Blend of Thin Stone Colors and Shapes

A Fireplace & Chimney with Colonial Tan Ledgestone, Colonial Tan Square & Rec, and Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone

This cape style home features a unique combination of perfectly blended Thin Veneer colors and shapes. An indoor fireplace and 2 outdoor chimneys were both faced with this masterfully crafted mix of beige, tan, and neutral colors. Recessed cement and uniform joints showcase the natural beauty of the stone.

The quality of workmanship is apparent in the clean lines, well trimmed stone, and evenly spaced joints. Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular, Colonial Tan Ledgestone, and Yorkshire Granite Ledgestone Thin Veneer were used to create a cohesive blend that looks as mother nature intended it.

The custom chimney cap was the finishing touch. The installation method is unique to the installer and creates a cap stone without any corner joints. Concrete is poured into a form that is placed on top of the chimney and allowed to dry. Once it is set, the chimney is complete and the cap is in one piece and perfectly fitted.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Ashlar Natural Stone Veneer Cladding Specification

Ashlar natural stone veneer's face is taller than Ledgestone veneer with a roughly rectangular shape. Its face shows that the stone has been split apart, revealing the vibrant and more varied colors of the inside grain of the stone. The dimensions are listed below with pictures for further clarification and specification.


Thin Veneer

Height: 3-7 inch
Length: 4-14 inch
Thickness: 1 inch
Weight: Less than 14 lbs per sf
Flats: 5 sf box, 168 sf crate
Corners: 5 lf box, 75 lf half crate, 150 lf crate


Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Natural Stone Veneer Pictures and Projects

Natural Stone Veneer is a beautiful and durable building product. Using stone as your choice building material will illuminate your project with dignity and sophistication. supplies the building material's market with the most respected building product created from New England native stones.  Take a look at the Inspirational stone veneer pictures below!

A Wine Cellar Features

 Boston Blend Round Stone Veneer and Mosaic Stone Veneer  featured in Wine Cellar

 Exterior wall of Greenhouse Features

New NJ Home uses
 Boston Blend Ashlar Thin Stone Veneer
 Boston Blend Ledgestone stone siding and foundation

Monday, October 01, 2012

What is All Natural "Real" Stone Veneer?

All natural stone veneer is "real" stone that has been split and sawn to be approximately one (1) inch thick. It is used as a wall covering for exterior and interior surfaces. All of our Thin Veneer is cut from stones that are native to New England.

Real stone has been formed by glacial and volcanic activity over millions of years which means that the colors on the surface are present throughout the entire stone. This allows the mason to "shape" the stone during the installation process creating the perfect fit and style. Because the stone's color is contained throughout each piece, this stone will last for many lifetimes and will continue to increase it's natural beauty as a patina (a surface grown beautiful with age) develops from the sun, wind, rain, ice, heat and cold.

What other names are used to describe natural stone veneer?

  • Stone Cladding
  • Stone Covering
  • Stone Facade
  • Stone Facing
  • Stone Overlay
  • Stone Sheeting
  • Stone Siding 
  • Stone Wainscot
  • Stone Wrapping

Why is natural stone veneer used?

Tto protect the structure from the elements and to provide beauty and decorative appeal to the surface of the structure.

What are some examples of where natural stone veneer is used?

  • Archways
  • Bridges
  • Buildings
  • Chimneys
  • Gateways
  • Fireplaces
  • Foundations
  • Hardscapes
  • Houses
  • Kitchens
  • Landscapes
  • Libraries
  • Monuments
  • Offices
  • Patios
  • Retaining Walls
  • Schools
  • Signs
  • Steps
  • Stone Walls
  • Swimming Pools
  • Walls
  • Any place that wood, brick or stucco could be used.

Visit's online searchable natural stone photo gallery for inspiration and ideas for your project using All natural real stone veneer from New England stones.

Creating an Outdoor Stone Mosaic Project

Creating an outdoor stone mosaic project can be a lot of fun and the rewards of your project will bring you hours of outdoor enjoyment. Choosing a Mosaic pattern will allow your project to blend and flow together, as natural as a river. A Mosaic pattern of stone veneer consists of irregular pieces of natural stone for siding, facing, and cladding. The shapes consist primarily of triangles and stop sign shapes and the pattern is similar to the mosaic dimensions created from broken ice. An important detail to be fully aware of is be sure to use natural stone. Natural stone is stronger and the color will not fade or crack like artificial stone. offers all natural stone veneer made cut from stones that are native to New England. Choosing a natural material will allow your outdoor stone project to seem timeless and as natural as possible. Visit’s extensive gallery for further idea exploration.  Also, test out the project visualizer tool to aid in your outdoor design project. 

Boston Blend Mosaic Thin Stone Veneer

 Boston Blend Mosaic Stone Veneer

 Boston Blend Mosaic Stone Veneer

Boston Blend Mosaic Stone Veneer featured on Outdoor Fireplace