Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Greenwich Gray Thin Stone Veneer Creates a Harmonious Architectural Design

The first step in designing your stone project is creating a color palette.  Your stone choice will represent your desired design. Neutral and tranquil stone colors will illuminate a calm, relaxing environment.  Greenwich Gray is a natural stone with consistent steel blue and gray coloring.  Subtle stripes of white and green add character and depth.  The natural face shows the weathered exterior of the stone adding shades of tan and beige.

Picking the right shape of stone can compliment your surrounding architectural environment.  Take a moment to view the architectural lines and surface areas where your stone project will be located.  Do you notice several 90 degree horizontal and vertical lines?  If your answer is yes, then choosing a square and rectangular or ledgestone (rectilinear) shaped stone is the best fit for your design scheme.  If your home consists of angular and diagonal lines then a mosaic pattern is best.

Greenwich Gray Square & Rectangular pieces are roughly square and rectangular in shape.  Using square and rectangular shapes will allow you to achieve clean straight lines.  The color, shape and  texture of your stone choice will aid in the creation of a harmonious architectural design.

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