Monday, October 08, 2012

Mixing Thin Stone Colors & Shapes for Your Project

When designing your home or commercial space, every structure has unique design elements. Sometimes, a little customization is just what is needed to make the space truly your own. A great way to do this is with the use of natural stone. By blending the different colors and shapes you can create your own unique work of art.

By mixing the Ledgestone shape with Ashlar or Square & Rectangular you can break up the straight lines and add height and texture. Adding Mosaic Stone Veneer to the Round shape will allow for tighter joints and a nice dip and bubble effect for dimension and flow.

Colonial Tan Sq & Rec (60%), Colonial Tan Ledge (20%), Yorkshire Granite Ledge (20%)

Boston Blend Round (50%), Boston Blend Mosaic (50%)

Mixing and matching a variety of different colors is the best way to suit your personal color palette. Adding the Greenwich Gray to the Boston Blend will give you a darker more modern look. Conversely, you may wish to add Colonial tan to the Boston Blend for more warm earth tones. Also, blending the Vineyard Granite will add a touch of rich red Merlot colors. Whichever you choose your taste will be satisfied with our outstanding Natural Stone Veneer options.

Boston Blend Ledge (56%), Boston Blend Ashlar (19%), Greenwich Gray Ledge (19%)

Custom color and shape blends are always possible with natural stone veneer. Your creative choice in stone combinations ensures the perfect unique blend for your project. Take a look at some more of the different combinations used on the projects below.

Be sure to watch our project videos and view our searchable photo gallery for more inspiration and design ideas.

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