Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boston Blend Strips

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Boston Blend Strips is a real, all natural Thin Stone Veneer that has been sawn and split for quick, easy, and seamless installation. Each piece is 1.5 inches in height, sawn on all 4 sides and back, with a beautiful split textured face. It highlights the vibrant earth tones of New England Fieldstone including grays, blacks, tans, pinks and whites.
These are individual stones, not panels, sawn, split and ready for a seamless installation. Available in both flats and corners.

Height: 1.5 inch
3-12 inch
1 inch
Weight: Less than 14 lbs/sf

Monday, November 12, 2012

Copper Door® Restaurant Features New England Fireplace and Stone Oven

A mix of Boston Blend Ledgestone, Boston Blend Ashlar, and Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Thin Veneer

Copper Door® restaurant located in Bedford, NH, has an amazingly warm feeling of home from the minute you walk in. "A mix of high-end materials were used to build a restaurant that is warm, elegant and inviting, as if you were inside someone's beautiful home," said designer Dana Boucher of Breath of Fresh Art. Rich textures, wood beam ceilings, and a New England stone fireplace greet you upon entering.

A mix of three different products were used for the perfect blend of colors and shapes. Boston Blend Ledgestone, Boston Blend Ashlar, and Greenwich Gray Ledgestone create a look that is not too modern and not too rustic. "Wow is the language most used. The fireplace adds significantly to the overall warmth, feel and ambiance of the restaurant," said co-owner Mark Fenske.

But they didn't stop there. A stone oven in the open-concept kitchen allows the chef to get creative with one-of-a-kind dishes. Mitered corners were used on the 45-degree angles. The same blend of colors and shapes that was used on the fireplace was also used on the stone oven.

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