Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Curry College Student Center with New England Stone: Photo & Video Feature

Curry College Student Center: 
The Living Room of Campus

Boston Blend Round natural New England stone interior fireplace and court yard sitting walls

Located in Milton, MA, Curry College is a private liberal arts-based institution situated on a wooded 131-acre campus. A Student Center was built with the intention of centralizing student activities which were previously spread across the vast campus. Multiple dining areas, a cozy fireplace, comfortable seating, sports lounge, game room, and much more have given the center its nickname, "the living room of campus".

As you approach the Curry College Student Center, you are greeted by a welcoming courtyard. Complete with sitting and retaining walls faced with natural stone and topped by a grassy knoll. This summer study area is complete with New England native materials, tying the space in with the natural surroundings. Boston Blend Round was used extensively as an exterior wall facing and on stair columns and sides.

Next, as you enter this hub of activity you are welcomed by a warming double sided fireplace and natural stone feature. The same Boston Blend Round was used on the interior space continuing the project theme. The depth and texture of this New England stone reveals a calm and inviting home away from home for all students.

The Curry College Student Center is located in the heart of campus and designed to attract the interests of all students. The outstanding view and unique architecture it provides are an added bonus. Students truly believe this new center has been a great addition to their campus, uniting everyone together under one roof.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Country Home Boasts Rustic Luxury with Natural Stone

A Design Featuring Real New England Stone Boston Blend Square & Rectangular and Mosaic

A perfect blend of old world charm and modern luxury, this home is sure to be a neighborhood favorite. An open layout with inviting fireplaces make this the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing. Around the home you will find unique stone accents, wood and metal staircases, custom kitchen and bathrooms, and a rec room complete with bar and pool table.

This craftsman style residence uses a mix of the Boston Blend Mosaic and Square & Rectangular thin stone veneer. It was used as a kitchen backsplash, interior wall accent, on multiple fireplaces, and stone archways. 

Great care was taken so the stones could be installed without a mortared joint. Corners were used along archways to create the illusion of full thickness stones and to allow for a more consistent and complete look.

Scattered throughout, the mason cut custom large pieces of stone and wood to use as focal points. 

New England’s finest real stone veneer was the perfect choice to pair with the rustic décor. The variety of colors offered in our popular Boston Blend complement any design setting with an elegant touch.

For more photos, info, and video please visit www.stoneyard.com/973

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Three Mortar Joint Options for the Perfect Thin Stone Veneer Installation

When it comes to installing thin veneer, one of the aspects that can make the biggest effect aesthetically is the last step in the process, jointing. There are many different ways to fit natural thin stones together, each providing a different look and feel. Below are a few of the different techniques used by various masons.

#1 | Dry-Laid or Recessed Mortar Joints

Mortar is recessed approximately 1/2 inch from the face of stone. Mortar can be raked out or installed without pointing. The dry-laid appearance can have nice "shadow lines."

One way to install natural stone is to dry fit the pieces together and show no grout between the pieces. This installation technique will require the most trimming and material waste (typically between 25%-50%).  Some shapes and colors may have a higher waste factor than others. This look is popular on interior applications and especially with the Ledgestone and Ashlar shaped products.

Boston Blend Ledgestone Dry-Laid Installation

Colonial Tan Ledgestone Dry-Laid Installation

#2 | Standard grout joints - Concave

Typical interior joint thickness: 1/4" - 3/8" | Typical exterior joint size: 3/4" - 1 1/2"

1/4 inch joint allows some leeway for a little less trimming, while maintaining a tight fit stone look. Typically the mortar is recessed approximately 1/4 inch from the stone face or it can be flush to face. It adds just enough to make it a little easier to accept irregularities in pieces of natural stone. It can also be a nice mix where it is not too modern, but not too rustic. This installation is most commonly used when installing the Mosaic and Square & Rectangular shapes. The amount of trimming/shaping required is moderate with a waste factor of around 15%-30%.

Boston Blend Sq & Rec Standard Joint Installation

Boston Blend Mosaic Standard Joint Installation

#3 | Face Over Grout / Wide Joints

Face over grout is when the mortar/grout goes over some of the stone. This can be decorative or brushed over. A wide joint is when the stones are spaced over 1" apart and the mortar is predominant in the installation. Typically seen in historic stone installations. Round and Mosaic are the most popular shapes for this installation. This installation technique requires the least amount of trimming and yields the lowest waste factor (5%-20%)

Boston Blend Mosaic with Wide Joint Installation

Tips and Suggestions

Joints should be as consistent or uniform as possible. The project may have different colored pointing mortar which can also affect the look. The pointing mortar you can choose from a variety of colors from light gray to black will need to be decided based on the stone.  A mock-up is important before starting a project to finalize all of these details. A mason will make a panel (3'x4' in size) installing the material based on the specifications you requested. You can then make changes and decide if this is what you would want your installation to look like or if you would like to make any changes. Once approved, the mason will use it as a guide while installing. When they have questions they can fall back on that for a guide.
  • Joints should be as consistent and uniform as possible
  • Colored mortar is available
  • Mock-ups are always recommended
  • Larger projects (2,500 SF+) may have lower waste factors. Smaller jobs (under 2,500 SF) may have much higher waste factors than listed above.

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Slow Bones Modern BBQ Restaurant Photo and Video Feature

Colonial Tan Ledgestone Natural Thin Stone Veneer Interior Wall Cladding & Smoker Oven Accent

Slow Bones Modern BBQ restaurant, brand new to Burlington, MA, is the place to go for real fast, real good, REAL BBQ. Quality ingredients and low-and-slow cooking in a rotisserie smoker makes their food stand apart from the rest. However, it's not all about the mouth-watering flavor.

Recently featured on Phantom Gourmet, Slow Bones Restaurant is proud to display Colonial Tan Ledgestone, a local stone that lends itself to the relaxed BBQ setting. This natural New England stone serves as a backdrop on an interior feature wall, and draws attention as an accent around the smoker.

With this unique stone beautifully presented, customers get a great feel for the delicious taste of BBQ that they love and enjoy it in an environment set for a modern lifestyle. Visit Slow Bones Modern BBQ today!

Slow Bones Modern BBQ | 80 Mall Rd. Burlington, MA 01830 | 781.365.1998

For more info, photos, and to watch the Phantom Gourmet video, please visit www.stoneyard.com/slow-bones

Friday, May 02, 2014

Combining Natural Stone Choices on a Modern Fireplace

This fireplace boasts an impressive collaboration of Boston Blend and Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Thin Stone Veneer. Combining colors and shapes is a great way to create your own uniquely perfect blend of stone.

For more inspirational photos to help inspire your creativity, visit www.stoneyard.com/fireplace

Monday, April 28, 2014

European Style Home with Natural Thin Stacked Stone Cladding

Boston Blend Ledgestone Siding, Fireplace, and Interior Wall Facade

This stately European style home stands proudly amongst beautiful landscaping and grand architectural details. When arriving, you are greeted by a grand entrance featuring wrought iron doors and a stone cladded archway. The creamy stucco siding is perfectly balanced by the depth and texture of natural stone. Boston Blend Ledgestone thin veneer was used on the exterior as siding, and on the interior as a wall cladding and fireplace stone.

Inside those wrought iron doors, is a wall sided with natural stone that continues up a spiral stair case. In the living area, a natural stone fireplaces is also cladded with the same dry-stack Ledgestone. Both 90° and 45° mitered corners were used on this project. Natural stone accents and beautiful details make this amazing home truly one to remember.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Surround your Fireplace in Natural Stone Veneer to Delight and Entertain

Boston Blend Ledge Natural Thin Stone Veneer Fireplace

Stoneyard’s signature stone, Boston Blend, was selected in Ledgestone shape to create this entertainment space. Curl up in your favorite chair and enjoy the natural beauty of your stone fireplace. Dual entertainment means you can watch your all time favorite flick while basking in the warmth of your fireplace. Stoneyard.com has an eclectic selection of natural thin stone for your next new construction or remodel project.

Visit our products page to view all the natural thin stone options and to order FREE sampleswww.stoneyard.com/products

Friday, March 07, 2014

The Warmth of Fireplace Stone Facades in Design

Gather around our hearth made of natural New England stones. Create memories enriched amongst nature’s strongest elements. Stoneyard’s Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer surrounds a fireplace insert that will uphold a timeless tradition of gathering around the warmth of a roaring fire. Need more inspiration for your fireplace renovation and construction? Take a look at our extensive fireplace gallery featuring both contemporary and traditional designs. Our full line of natural stone thin veneer products is sure to have the perfect stone to meet your design scheme.

Pick your favorite and order FREE samples of real fireplace stone facade

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Cooking Things up with Natural Thin Stone from New England

Colonial New England is no stranger to the use of stone in design and construction, including in kitchens. Choosing a natural stone veneer that is native to these grounds for your kitchen design just makes sense. The timeless atmosphere it creates is sure to stir up creativity in design, as well as cooking.

All of our New England Stone Veneer consists of both quarried and weathered natural stones. These stones have been hand picked and cut into a material that is thin enough to be installed on any interior surface, yet durable enough to stand up to even the harshest New England weather.

Below are just a few of the many different ways you can incorporate stone into your kitchen remodel or new construction design. To view even more great inspirational photos for your kitchen design and more, visit the Stoneyard.com searchable photo gallery.

Kitchen Wall Accent and Wine Cooler with Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Real Stone Veneer

Mix of Boston Blend and Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Kitchen Oven Accent

For more great photos, videos, and product info, visit our website

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Belmont Country Club Combines Brick & Natural Stone

White Brick with Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Veneer Columns and Siding

What a great combination. More and more we are seeing different types of building materials used together in design. The Belmont Country Club utilized brick, stone, wood, and metal in a way that is both modern and sophisticated. To balance the color palate, white brick was used instead of the traditional red. This is picked up by the subtle white striping present in the natural stone columns, foundation, entrance, and siding facade details. Staying with this theme, a blue/gray color was used for the trim to complement the primary tones in the stone. Metal accents and deep wooden doors and ceiling panels complete the design.

The natural stone veneer chosen for the Belmont Country Club was Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Thin Veneer. This material is 100% real stone that has been cut thin for ease of installation. This light, yet durable stone adds texture and depth to any commercial or residential construction project. The use of authentic stone in any space provides a solid foundation to build a beautiful and well rounded design.

Visit www.stoneyard.com/970 for more photos and info about this project

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stoneyard.com Brings Natural Stone Veneer to The Precast Show in Houston

The Precast Show is the only trade show in North America and the largest annual show in the world geared
exclusively to the manufactured concrete products industry. (precast.org/theprecastshow) Stoneyard.com plans to attend in order to present attendees with a natural stone alternative to concrete based thin veneer products. Our New England Stone Veneer  is light as man-made veneer with the beauty and durability of real stone. Come by and see the difference first hand.

Stoneyard.com is exhibiting at booth #1749.

Thursday, February 13th: 2 pm - 5 pm
Friday, February 14th: 9:30 am - 6 pm
Saturday, February 15th: 11 am - 4 pm

Where: Hilton Americas | Houston, TX

For more info please visit the Stoneyard.com events page

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

VIDEOS: How to Install Natural Thin Stone Veneer

Installation Tips and Methods for Natural Stone Thin Veneer

How do you install thin stone veneer? This question and many others about the installation process seem to be the most popular. With all of the different installation systems out there, how can anybody weed through the noise and get down to business? We created a page full of helpful videos and tips to help you through your stone project.

Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System

This video discusses how to install natural thin stone veneer using the Laticrete Masonry Veneer Installation System. It also highlights some of the great benefits to using this system including a 25 year warranty.  Read more...

QUIKRETE Polymer Modified Veneer Stone Mortar

QUIKRETE® Polymer Modified Veneer Stone Mortar is a contractor-grade polymer modified mortar mix designed for veneer applications and tuck pointing of manufactured and natural stone. This video goes over the steps and recommended installation methods when using this product. Read more...

Thin Stone Veneer Corners: 90° & 45°/135° Installation Methods Video

This video details how 90° natural stone thin veneer corners are made as well as some of the more unique applications: keystones, archways, header details, recessed windows, rounded windows, wall caps, and more. It also discusses how to install 45°/135° corners. It discusses the weaving vs. miter cutting methods and shows examples of both installations. Read more...

Need more tips on how to install our natural thin stone veneer? Visit our videos page for more information.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stoneyard.com Exhibiting at NAHB International Builders' Show and Extending Free Admission

Stoneyard.com will be exhibiting at the 2014 International Builders' Show in Las Vegas, Feb. 4-6, 2014. Stoneyard.com will also be offering free admission to pre-registrants through the IBS website.

Stoneyard.com, New England's leading supplier of real stone veneer (www.Stoneyard.com), announced today that it will feature its extensive line of natural thin stone veneer products at the upcoming International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. This event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center, February 4-6, 2014.

The IBS, hosted by the National Association of Home Builders, is the largest annual light construction show in the world. Attendees will have access to the exhibit floors of two of the biggest trade shows for design and construction professionals. (www.buildersshow.com) Stoneyard.com is exhibiting in the south hall at booth #S2469.

Stoneyard.com is inviting all of its customers to attend the event at no charge. In order to receive a free three-day pass, visitors must pre-register online through the IBS website.

At the show, Stoneyard.com will showcase New England Stone Veneer and other natural stone products through samples, literature, photos, slide shows and expert advice. Stoneyard.com has more than 250 resellers that work with both residential and commercial customers to achieve the perfect look for any space. Learn more about the wide selection of products and find your local distributor at www.Stoneyard.com.

Visit www.stoneyard.com/events for more details

Monday, January 27, 2014

4 Tips to the Perfect Fireplace Stone Installation

A Do-it-Yourselfer's Experience with Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Natural Thin Veneer

This project includes a fireplace insert that was installed flush with cherry wood entertainment center. To match the warm tones, the Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer was used around the insert. After completing this DIY project, we received a few helpful tips from the installer.

Tip #1: Mark and cut the stone 3/4 of the way through

In order for these natural stones to fit together, some trimming/shaping is required. Depending on how tight the joints are, more or less cutting will be needed. In this case, a wet tile saw was used. Each stone that needed trimming was cut about 3/4 of the way through and snapped with a masonry hammer.

Tip #2: Finish with a masonry hammer

To avoid showing sawn sides on a natural stone, a masonry hammer is used to break through and rough up the edges. This way, the pieces look much more natural. "Using a Rigid tile saw from Home Depot we cut the stones to fit our space. Beside using the saw to cut the stone 3/4 of the way through (like you said) we used a rock hammer to finish most of the cuts."

Tip #3: Use a non or low sag mortar to build up stones

The Laticrete Masonry Veneer Mortar was recommended to the customer due to its very minimal sag during installation. "Also want to remark on the sag-free mortar that was recommended. We were able to locate some at a masonry contractor supplier and used this special mortar in a thick layer to get the stones flush with the cabinet front surface. It didn't sag in the slightest and held the stones where we wanted them!"

Tip #4: Use color enhancer to bring out rich color tones

Color enhancer accentuates the natural beauty of real stone. In this project, color enhancer was used to bring out the rich warm tones of the Colonial Tan Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer. "We did use an enhancer to bring out the rich tones and we used mortar between the bigger spaces. We are really enjoying the beauty of real stone. It can't compare with the artificial stone we were thinking of buying. Thanks for having the product we needed!"

Are you ready to get your project started? Visit our dealer locator to find your closest distributor.

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