Friday, July 31, 2015

New England Stone Fireplace with Hidden Access Panel

This elegant fireplace has a hidden secret access panel. The Boston Blend Ledgestone was used as fireplace cladding around a gas insert and mounted TV. The problem: homeowners need access to the shut off valve.

The solution: three stones were cemented together but kept unattached to the surface to act as the panel door. The pieces easily pop out when access to the piping is needed. Once the stone door is put back into place it flawlessly blends with the surrounding stones. The result is an amazing beautiful, functional, and easy to use stacked stone fireplace.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

3 Stone Install Tips: How to Use Thin Veneer Corners to Elevate your Design

There are many benefits to using natural thin cut stone veneer including a wide range of applications, ease of use, and lower transportation costs. One of the biggest benefits of using Thin Veneer over Building Veneer is that it gives the appearance of a full thickness stone without the additional weight or need for a footing. Although these stones have been cut thin, when used with matching 90° corners it can be impossible to tell the difference. These cut pieces of stone are not just for wrapping around corners, but can be used in many ways to elevate your design. Below are a few examples of these applications.

Tip 1: Use Corners Around Recessed Windows & Doors

Use corner pieces to wrap around edges of recessed windows and doors. This can also be done around fireplace edges or the sides of interior and exterior walls. This application will add depth and dimension to your project.

Tip 2: Use Corners to Cap Retaining & Freestanding Stone Walls

Whether it's a retaining or freestanding stone wall, one way to cap it is by using the Square & Rectangular or Round corners. Square & Rectangular corners can be used as a wall cap for the Ledgestone, Ashlar, Mosaic, and Square & Rectangular shapes. Round corners can be used as a cap for both the Round and Mosaic shapes.

Tip 3: Use Corners Around Archways

Archways are a great way to spice up both interior and exterior doorways. Around the curve of the arch the use of corner pieces will create a seamless flow for the transition from vertical to horizontal. This can be done with either a soldier course or with corner pieces shaped into keystones.

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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Logger's Revenge Ride with New England Stone

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, CA chose the perfect accent for their Logger's Revenge ride. Our Boston Blend Round ( fits right in with its the rustic old-world charm!

"Enjoy a panoramic ocean view from high above the park as you float around a watery track. Keep your eyes open for the final drop, and expect to get wet!" (

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