Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Choose the Perfect Stone for your Fireplace

So you have decided to take the leap and FINALLY cover that old brick fireplace or include a natural stone fireplace in your new home. The amount of different choices available to you, and questions that go along with it, may feel overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider, some tips from Tim Carter (a licensed contractor), and some great fireplace examples to give you inspiration!

Combining Stone and Design for your Fireplace

Rustic, Colonial, Contemporary, Modern or Old World, Tuscan or Log Cabin, these are just a few of the different designs  that you may choose for your home or space. Not only the type of natural stone veneer that you choose, but also the color, shape, and installation will create the final work of art.

Contemporary and Modern Fireplace Stone Examples
Boston Blend Ledgestone Fireplace

Greenwich Gray Ledgestone Fireplace

Rustic and Traditional Fireplace Stone Examples
Boston Blend Mosaic and Square & Rec Mix Fireplace

Boston Blend Round Stone Fireplace

What a Difference a Joint Can Make

One aspect of the installation that can have the biggest effect aesthetically is the chosen joint technique. There are three popular application types used with fireplace stone: dry-Laid or recessed joint, standard joint, and wide joint. The color of the mortar used in the pointing processes will also dramatically effect the overall look and design. In all installations the joints should be as uniform as possible.

Dry-Laid or Recessed Mortar Joint Fireplace
Boston Blend Mosaic Dry-Laid Stone Fireplace

Standard Grout Joint Fireplace
Boston Blend Round Stone Fireplace with Standard Grout Joint

Wide Grout Joint
Boston Blend Round Wide Grout Joint Fireplace

Customize and Combine Stone Colors & Shapes to Make your Fireplace Unique

When deciding on the perfect natural stone choice to fit your space it can be difficult to find just the right blend of colors and shapes. No matter where your fireplace is going it will be the focal point for the room and the anchor of the overall design. Sometimes a little customization is just what is needed to make the space truly your own. The best way to do this is by combining different colors and shapes of natural thin stone veneer to create your own unique work of art.

Mix and Matched Shapes and Colors of Natural Stone
Mix of Boston Blend Ledge, Ashlar, and Greenwich Gray Ledge Fireplace Stone

Mix of Boston Blend Ledge and Mosaic Thin Fireplace Stone

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Monday, August 10, 2015

Colonial Style Ranch with Dry-Fit Natural Stone Accents

Boston Blend Square & Rectangular Thin Veneer Cladding Dry-laid Paper Thin Joints

This colonial style ranch adds a touch of elegance with the addition of local New England stone cladding. The Boston Blend Square & Rectangular thin stone veneer was artfully cut and shaped by the mason in a dry-laid installation technique. Pieces of stone were sawn on the sides and fit together with paper thin joints, with no mortar showing. The local stone used along with a modern installation technique elevates the design of the home without overpowering it.

Other details such as an iron light fixture, garage trim and accessories, columns, dark green shutters, and siding all tie in with the color scheme presented in the Boston Blend. Colorful landscape plants and flowers add curb appeal and additional pops of color to the overall design. To complete the look, a gray granite was used as window sills, headers, and stair treads.

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