Thursday, April 26, 2018

 Jerry Croteau, Stoneyard's president, and over 140 ABC members and guests gathered at Granite Links Golf Club in Quincy for the annual Meet the Generals event. Eleven participating General Contractors included Dellbrook | JKS, Callahan Construction Managers, EMJ Corporation, Acella Construction, Plumb House Inc., Campbell Construction Group, The Haynes Group, Windover Construction, Delphi Construction, Rubicon Builders, and Bald Hill Builders.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stoneyard Roadshow at the Genest Concrete BootCamp

David Croteau of Stoneyard® is set to talk with hardscape and mason contractors at the Genest Business BootCamp in Portland, ME.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

Upcoming Events in March 2018

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Northeast Hardscape Show
Booth #910

Hundreds of Hardscape Professionals on Display at the Show

The Northeast Hardscape Expo is a two-day Trade Show & Educational Forum that is designed specifically for hardscape professionals. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with other industry professionals, as well as, manufacturers, dealers, equipment suppliers, stone suppliers, mulch suppliers and other hardscape/landscape related companies and suppliers.  Click Here to View



Visit Our Booth at These Stoneyard® Dealer Events

March 5 Genest Boot Camp   Sheraton Harborside: Portsmouth, NH 

March 8 Genest Boot Camp   DoubleTree Hotel: South Portland, ME

March 20  Northeast Nursery Customer Appreciation 8 Dearborn Rd., Peabody, MA 

March 28 Arnold Lumber Backyard Winter Conference Crown Plaza Hotel Warwick, RI

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Business partner donates materials for Monty Tech’s New Vet Center

Monty Tech junior masonry students watch as David P. Croteau of Stoneyard in Littleton (center) demonstrates how to cut and shape stone veneer. With him are masonry teachers, Jake Proctor (left) and Dick Demers. The students will be installing the stone on the façade of the new Veterinary Science Training Center being built on school grounds.

FITCHBURG —Thanks to the generosity of numerous supporters and donors, Monty Tech’s new Veterinary Science Training Center is fast becoming a reality. One such supporter was at the school recently to donate masonry materials and to give students a demonstration on their use.

David P. Croteau, founder and VP of sales for Stoneyard in Littleton, manufacturers and installers of stone veneer siding, conducted a demonstration on the latest process of installing stone veneer. The students will be installing the stone on the entrance to the new building, going up on school grounds.

James J. Hachey, Monty Tech Director of Vocational Programs, said Mr. Croteau is also donating the bonding materials and loaning the tools to cut and shape the stone. “He also gave us a great discount on the stone. We are very grateful for his assistance and support. “In addition to demonstrating how to cut and install the stone, Mr. Croteau also showed how to use the latest bonding materials, which are resistant to the elements.
Masonry teacher Jake Proctor explained that working with stone veneer is a new process for the students. “These are new skills for our students, and we are very fortunate to have Dave donate his time and expertise to show them the latest method for doing this type of work. Stonework is one of the hottest things in the trade right now, so the students are very fortunate to get to work on a project like this,” he said.

Mr. Croteau said he thought it was a great the students were being exposed to this type of masonry work while they are students. “It’s wonderful they are getting to do this work. It’s great experience, and I will be back when it’s completed to see how they did.”
Superintendent-Director Dr. Sheila M. Harrity attended the demonstration and thanked Mr. Croteau for his generosity and support. She told him that the new building, which will house the school’s newest and 21st vocational program, focusing on Veterinary Science, is being funded through private donations and assistance from business partnerships such as Stoneyard. “We really appreciate your efforts,” she said.

In addition to installing the stone veneer, the students will also be doing tile work inside the building.